It’s far too cold for a clever title!

Well, another round / cycle / something of chemo is done. Was it 6? 7? I honestly don’t remember and am too lazy to go look. No more chemo’s on the schedule yet. Next week is a very exciting week. Tuesday night is a support group. Wednesday is the chest CT Scan. Friday I am hoping to go to Yoga with the lovely Robin. I will also stop at my old office to pick up my W2’s – which apparently someone left on my ex-desk. If I were a less nice person we would discuss the breaking of Federal laws by doing that. Luckily someone else in the office mentioned they were sitting there.

Then the next week is the doctors to see what the scan said, and then probably back to more chemo, or maybe off to radiation, or maybe both. Okay, I just went and looked my first chemo in this round #2 of cancer was on October 1. So 7 rounds – 3 days each. 21 days of chemo. It doesn’t seem like that many when you say it like that! 7 Topotecan. 21 Taxol. 6 Avastin.

I have gained 20 pounds since chemo #1. Pisses me off something greatly! I know, bigger things to worry about and all, but whatever. My goal was to stay as strong as possible through this and obviously I am not succeeding.ย  I was on the treadmill every day in the last two weeks except for chemo days and it is HARD! My heart races so fast, and my lungs hurt so bad. ๐Ÿ™

On the other hand, I actually feel pretty damn good! I believe that I am doing very well. I am still up and moving most days, and while I may not have a lot of energy I am still able to function most days. I think that’s okay.

It’s -4 Fahrenheit. Good day for reading.

Okay – time for a picture or two.



Frankie trying to take off his collar. Our record is two days of wearing so far. I would not worry about it and leave him collarless except that he desperately tries to get outside. He must be branded in some fashion because I know once warmer weather arrives we will not be able to keep him in.


Corey doing some sort of Lion King thing with Frankie?



This is the sweatshirt I am wearing. My mom embroidered the Raggedy Anne & Andy on a nice black sweatshirt for me. It has held up very well. I do not wear it very often. When it starts looking haggard I will cut out the embroidered part and put it in a frame, or scrapbook I think.


7 thoughts on “It’s far too cold for a clever title!

  1. Support group? I always think support groups sound like a good idea. I hope there are lots of nice supportive people there.

    I am sorry about the weight gain. I know you really put the work in to keep healthy and I know this must be really frustrating for you. Hang in there – you will get to where you want to be again. When will they let you have your BP medicine back?

    I think it is great that you are getting Frankie used to a collar. People do chips but I think the visibility of the collar is better.

    You mom did a great job on A&A. Just beautiful work! How nice that you have something she made with her hands.

    1. My mom was very good with stitchery. I have a few things that she’s done.
      As soon as I am done with intense chemo I will go back on the BP meds. I hate the feeling of it going up and down. Frankie is chipped but I just really want something that is immediately visible that people see him roaming and know – hey that’s someones pet, not a feral cat. What I would really like to do is enclose my yard in a roofed fence so I never have to worry about it!
      There is a place called The Victory Center in Toledo that I have been encouraged to go to many many times and I have just never done it. My Oncology group has a support group that meets and brings in different speakers. Tomorrow they are bringing in the head of the The Victory Center so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. I would like to be more involved and hopefully be able to help other people.

      1. Robby and I were on the phone for an hour and half Saturday morning and you came up a lot. A lot of it was how you approached and fought cancer. Rob found things that you’ve said enlightening. You are his hero. I think you have a lot to offer other people who are fighting the same battle. I think that would be an excellent place for you to help other people.

        I would love to see the other stuff you have from your mom. The A&A was amazing.

        1. Thank you. I’m feeling weak today so that was nice to hear. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’ve been lucky and I didn’t have a lot of pain like Rob had to deal with. That would be a whole different thing for me. Sick and weak is one thing, but pain is just overwhelming.
          It would be nice if I could find a way to help.

  2. All of mine have bell collars except Minnie…she has no claws and is small so she needs the ability to fly stealth!

    Sorry about the 20 pounds wonder how much is fluid.

    Loving the A and A!

    Peace out, sister…stay bundled!

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