This may go down in history as the slowest move EVER!

My contractor was originally scheduled to start on Monday, then it was moved to Tuesday. This morning I got a call from the owner of the company letting me know that my assigned guy has food poisoning so hopefully he’ll start on wednesday. Not that it really matters that much. He is only step one. No moving can happen until after the floors are in and that is tentatively scheduled for Sept 4. But it may be later. Geesh.

It feels like I am running around in circles these days.

I went to my doctor last week and we finally talked about the actual continuing care plan. Chemo every three weeks for as long as it keeps working. PET Scan and ECHO every three months. my echocardiogram will be next week, and my next PET is in a couple of weeks I think. My doctor is trying to find ways to work with the insurance company on the PET since the protocol is for CT Scans. We already know that CT is no longer the way to go for me.

Most  chemo drugs lose their effectiveness after a certain amount of time. Cancers adapt to them and the drugs will no longer work. My drugs are not the typical chemo drugs and are not normally used together unless there is an additional chemo. I have limited information available to me about my specific protocol. I asked my Dr about the long term effectiveness since I can’t find any data and he looked quite uncomfortable and started hemming and hawing. He then of course gave me the info because he knows I really do want to know.  He said my drugs do also lose their effectiveness and in his experience it’s usually one to two years. I did not like that answer! I was hoping for like ten to twenty years! The good news is there is already another medicine that is on the horizon to come next. It really can be difficult sometimes knowing that you’re always trying to stay one step ahead.

I still love my condo even as I occasionally find things that are broken or need to be updated. I just feel so comfortable there. Today while I was working on cleaning my bakers rack the sky got all cloudy and the condo dim so I had to turn on more lights, it was lovely. 🙂  We went to IKEA this weekend and one of the things I bought was a lovely new bedspread. I was originally going to hold out for chenille but I liked this set. Inexpensive and lightweight and they had it in dark brown. Corey likes dark brown so I bought it, and then today I bought a new set of dark beige sheets and washed them. So when we move we’ll have all new stuff on the bed. I like that. I think I will still keep an eye out for a chenille spread I like but use it for Spring.

That is All!


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  1. Bummer that it is being delayed but glad they are communicating with you. Sometimes they don’t call and are very difficult to get them on the phone at all.

    Well, I certainly had hoped there would be a longer time frame. I want them to work until the next drug is available. Making PET scans available to you just makes common sense. Frustrating that the insurance company doesn’t see it that way.

    I love your condo. It makes me happy because it makes you happy. Tami blogged the other day about trying to decided on what to do with their house once they retire. She and I both like your condo.

    I hope your construction guy gets well soon and is working on your place soon.

  2. With me it’s always my own fault that moving is slow. I end up packing all but “the essentials” until the last minute, and I always end up spending half of my moving day throwing everything into boxes. Apparently I consider everything essential.

    Is 1-2 years the norm for those kind of drugs wearing off? That seems a bit short. Glad that there’s something new coming up though.

    1. There really is no norm. The last chemo drugs that worked and then didn’t was only three months. I will just keep assuming I will be ten years. That’s a nice number.

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