Schrodinger’s Cancer

A couple of million people have learned about Schrodinger’s cat thanks to the Big Bang Theory.

I joke about my three month treatment cycle being like one week of clarity and 2 months 3 weeks of Schrodinger’s cancer. We’re coming up on the time for box opening. Monday is my echocardiogram to make sure my heart is holding up okay on the meds and then the next week – in theory – will be my quarterly PET scan to see what the tumors are doing. My appointment is the 11th so that is when I will find out the results. I always feel a little anxious about it but this time I am feeling extra anxious. I have not been feeling healthy.  I am extra tired and my lungs are extra bad. Hopefully this has to do with the weather and the cold that I just couldn’t kick.

This past week was chemo week. Chemo makes my systems all but shut down. My hair stops growing, my nails stop growing, and my digestive systems stop working. Getting bursts of exercise kicks your metabolism up a notch. I was really curious to see if I could combine chemo & exercise and have a positive effect on the side effects. So after chemo on Tuesday I worked out. Well, like five hours later. I actually think it did help! Though on Friday morning I just crashed. I woke up and was tired, drank my coffee, hung out in bed for an hour watching television and then I went back to sleep. VERY unusual for me.

Thanksgiving was nice. My daughter cooked for everyone and we all hung out at her house. Only a few small crisis, and hurt feelings with only minor pouting. I don’t understand why people get like that, I just don’t. Especially when it comes to family. Just let it go. Swoosh….don’t hold onto shit for even a second. If someone annoys you, so what? They’re still your family, they’re still going to be around, you know they didn’t do it out of meanness. LET IT GO.

I did’t get sick after thanksgiving either. 🙂

Selling things locally online is ridiculous. Just ridiculous. I have a couple of facebook garage sale groups in my feed and it’s always a pain to deal with people. I also tried the new app – LetGo – I have had slightly better success with that. Just had some stuff from the old house that was too good to toss but didn’t really have a home in the new place.

Okay…that is all.







2 thoughts on “Schrodinger’s Cancer

  1. Any news on the results or do you have to wait to see the doctor to get the latest?

    The cranky, pouty stuff happens in my family, too. It gets old. One person in my family has grown up but we still have one who hasn’t and probably never will.

    It is nice that your daughter is able to do the holiday thing.

    I’m glad that you are able to work out especially if it makes you feel better.

    1. I think this time I will have to wait. The last time the echo tech was all talkative and was happy to tell me my heart was fine. I had a different, untalkative tech this time. I won’t have the PET scan until right before the doctors appt. My doctor is fussy like that and gets mad if they do it too far in advance and the patient has to wait for results.He’s a good guy.
      It is amazing how much better the working out makes me feel. It’s always been about strength for me. The stronger I am, the better I feel, emotionally and physically.

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