Oh Shoot! Forgot a title!

Pro-Sports protests during the National Anthem and people who are wrong.

I have of course started seeing those posts again, “If then don’t like it, they should move out of the country”.  They are the only posts that I see regularly that make me angry and tempted to respond. I may have to see how many people I can get to unfriend me if this keeps up. Especially when these posts come from women. SHAME ON YOU! I would much rather have them in my country then someone who posts and thinks such ridiculous things. Perhaps a middle-eastern or communist country where protest and free thought is actively discouraged would be more to your liking. I will donate to your gofundme page if you should decide to leave.

Silent, non-violent protest is how the women in the United States of America gained a voice. If it was not for the leaders of movements who protested by themselves, risking so much we would be a country filled with slaves, and women treated as chattel.  When someone risks losing something important in order to make a bigger social point you should just shut up, or applaud their bravery.

Okay, thanks. I feel better.

On a more pawesome note. My husband has decided that he really wants a puppy. He wants a companion animal, and I fully support him and will do everything I can to help acquire and then train this little bundle of stink and drool.  Corey picked up a virus in Mexico so I spent the afternoon on the couch browsing the internet for puppies while he shivered under a blanket. Here was my view;




He and Katy went and visited a shelter. They are heartier souls than me. I will not be a part of the physical selection process because if I touch a puppy or a kitten, it is mine and it is coming home with me. Period.





5 thoughts on “Oh Shoot! Forgot a title!

    1. I love that little puppy! I think Corey wants a larger dog. Barsky size. I really don’t care so much either way. I will love and adore any dog.

  1. yes…don’t go to the shelter…you could end up with 5 cats and 3 large dogs which was my life for a few precious years.

    I’m with you totally on the non violent protests!!!

  2. Juliet or Elizabeth would grab me for sure!

    Agreed re Silent protests. This is still a free country – where the freedoms fought for include “the right to join with fellow citizens in protest or peaceful assembly” It’s a core right for all of us and we all should continue to protect it and stop trying to impose our particular will on everyone around us.