1. About a week and half ago I ate something ii shouldn’t have. My intestines eecame a burning horrible mass of inflammation.

2. Haven’t been able to ear much real food since then. Everything makes me sick.

3. Getting very tired

4. Covered in bruises

5. When the dog touches my arms, I bleed.

6. Having trouble catching my breath and steadying my heartrate.

Doh……..See #2!   What a difference nutrition makes for me.  Today is all about the IRON




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  1. Suckish. I hope you can pinpoint what it was and never do that again. That puppy is so cute! But – they’re so much life babies – except with TEETH!
    I thought I had food pretty much nailed down but summer and being really lax with my diet has screwed me over in a big way. I’m back to kind of figuring it out all over again. I thought I found a work around with Cashews, but nope. They’re a no go for real. I thought it was just raw – but now 3 days in to eating them again my lips and roof of my mouth are numb and I’m super nauseous. Dang dang and double dang.
    How’s Frankie faring with the pup?

  2. That’s funny because as soon as I started reading this the little teeth machine went into puppy overdrive mode! Attacking my poor kitty and anything else she could get her teeth and paws on. Goods hours and bad hours. Having a puppy this young is certainly an experience.

    Wouldn’t iit be nice of we just could take a pill instead of all this foods juggling? I get so tired of having to think about iit all the time.

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