20 December, 2013 14:40

Funny day today.  Everything just feels a little outta sync.  I grabbed a shirt out of the closest that I haven’t worn in years. Yeah, I had outgrown it. I popped it on and it fits great and off I went to work. By the time I got to work I realized that this shirt was so ITCHY!  So after a couple of hours when I was sure nothing was going to explode I walked over to Sears which is about 20 feet from my office building. I bought myself a new sweater in one of my favorite colors, a new trio of little hoop earrings, a new purse and while I was there I picked up a new belt because my brand new another size down pants were gaping!!!  Entire shopping experience took about 10 minutes and most everything was 70% off, so good deal. Sadly the waiting in line took another 20 minutes.

Tonight my office is going out for dinner. We’ve all invited a guest, since my husband is coming home from Europe tomorrow my sister will be my companion. Second year in a row.

Today is my sons last day at his internship. I think this experience was fantastic for him! Aside from letting him sock away a little money it also gave him that starting a new job on a professional level, experience.

Oh yeah, and last night I had a lovely dream about Gordon Ramsey. He was operating a food trailer in a zoo. We had a nice snack together. Then I walked out on a loading dock that was actually a pier and there were creepy shark/dolphin/tuna things.


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