2:00 am is the real witching hour

in the last decade I can’t tell you how many women have posted on Facebook about waking up at 2:00 am and not being able to go to sleep.

This is my week. Every night at about 2 I wake up and stay awake for a few hours. Nothing dramatic but it does make you feel head heavy in the morning.


(There is an empty space here because I downloaded a picture but I don’t know where my iPAD put it. :()


This chemo hit me a little hard. I assume because I skipped the previous one and went six weeks between treatments. I felt almost healed by the time I got my infusion. It was really quite nice.

I decided to try retinol for my arms. I went with the recommended Roc Retinol correction, deep wrinkle night cream. We’ll see what happens after a month. If it works on my arms I am investing and putting it all over my face too!

its amazing how many doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners I have on my Facebook who are always available to answer my strange questions. I really appreciate them.



2 thoughts on “2:00 am is the real witching hour

  1. Well, I would never have thought of retinol for arms! Let us know how it works, whether good or bad. My gramma had such a terrible problem with that, and so who knows if it is in my future? My skin is already thinning and dry and much more sensitive than it used to be. Hope it does the trick for you.

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