I must have had bad dreams that I do not remember. I woke up so sad. I did not sleep well and I have been sick the last couple of days. A family dinner is exactly what I need.

Last night we went to dinner with my sister and nieces and my daughter and her husband. It was nice but it was an asian grill place and that is not conducive to conversation.

My puppy is giant!

Is anyone watching Search Party? I like it. Weird and quirky.

In the next four weeks I am having a CT Scan an echocardiogram, a mammogram, a bone scan, and a colonoscopy. I guess if anything is wrong, anywhere, I will know!

I hope it is a wonderful day for everyone.


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  1. Have tried that. With high pressure tires, the mirror on bars vibrates too much and also you have to look down to see it. With helmet or glasses mounted, you only have to move your eyes to the left and is quicker & much less distracting.

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