You have to Fight

I would like to talk about the lessons I have learned. They are not really earth shattering revelations but for some reason they are difficult to learn unless something has smacked you into paying attention. We need to find a way to learn these lessons in our childhood so we stop wasting decades.

  • If something scares you – DO IT FIRST! Simple things, driving on the expressway, calling strangers to make appointments or big things, riding roller-coasters, going on an airplane. If it scares you enough that you do not do something than you need to ,suck it up and try it. Do not let something that scares you stop you from life. Not when it is so easy to conquer.
  • Stop Waiting. Just stop it. If you find yourself saying “when I have more time, when I have more money, when I am not so tired” you are fooling yourself. Look around. There are people who are busier, poorer, sicker and in much worse circumstances than you, and they are doing extraordinary things. You can too. You just have to try. You have to leap. You have to jump in with both feet and give it everything you have got even if it is only for a few seconds.
  • Time is important and finite. Stop waiting for the weekend or a day off. Go do things with your family and friends even on days you work! It will make the week better, I promise.
  • The really important things will always be done for you, by you. Stop hoping someone will sweep in and help you. Maybe they will, but maybe you should be that person instead. For yourself first, and others next.
  • Find someone you admire and do what they do. If you think someone is the nicest person you have met figure out what makes you think that and then start doing that. Great work ethic? Amazing charitable skills? People always seeking their company? This is how you build your own character. Be the person you admire, no, be ALL the people you admire,
  • If you have something to hide, make a plan, and change it. Even if it only interferes with a tiny part of your life, it hurts you and you are the only one who can fix it. Be Brave. Do it.
  • Eat apples and veggies and cake.
  • Take care of your body all the time. If you are going to drink an excessive amount of alcohol, drink even more water every day. Make the majority of the things you are putting in your body healthy and clean so that when something goes wrong, your body is ready to fight. Be strong. We do not all have to be marathoners or crazy workout people but your body needs activity to work correctly.

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