A few years ago, hmm, maybe about eight, I saw a lot of hatred and vitriol show up in my social media feeds. I saw people just going on and on about how horrible things were.

I always wanted to go to the ones I knew IRL and ask…Is any part of you able to step back and wonder if you coud be wrong? Are you able to stop and look at life and wonder if the majority has made a decision, is it possible you are wrong? I am not saying I am wrong, or you are wrong, I am saying that even the most tolerant person needs to be able to do that and check on themselves.


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  1. Interesting post for this day. I often think about how people were and how I feel now. I know I am not going to change anyone’s mind about the incoming guy and a lot of other people even if they do not support him don’t want to see any political stuff on their feed so I just try to keep my social media mouth shut.

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