Here’s everything I learned today, including pictures.

I spent a long time with my Radiation Oncologist. I haven’t seen him in a year and really like him. He is the one that will be doing the SBRT – if we decide to do it. He and I looked at my PET scan images together and he showed me everything everyone was seeing and what he and his fellow doctors found startling. I have a copy of the PET scan disc and so brought it home and took a picture of it so I could have a visual aid for you!

We’re only going to talk about my right lung because my left lung has NO TRACE OF TUMORS in it anymore. 🙂

This is my left lung. In a PET scan anything glowing bright is bad. It means there is a lot of cellular activity. An injury, or cancer. Since I haven’t been stabbed recently the diagnostician (?) assumes anything glowing is cancer.



The circle shows you my old tumor. This is the tumor that was mircowaved and theoretically killed last year. As you can see, it is now glowing. What is interesting is that on  CT scans you can also see that this tumor is progressively hollowing out. So, whatever is happening here it is a tumor that is shrinking.


This circle shows you my new “tumor”. My oncologist said he has never seen a tumor do this. There should not be a line of tumor leading to a mass of tumor.


None of this was on my PET scan from three months ago. The fact that it is huge makes it very alarming. Nothing should grow that fast. It is five centimeters.

So – after many consultations with all of the doctors he could find, and hearing from me that I had a cold six weeks ago and I haven’t been able to shake the cough and that in the last couple of weeks it has gotten much worse they think there is a chance that the whole big glowing mass is not a tumor but an infection!  BASTARD!

He has prescribed a wicked antibiotic that is can be also used for anthrax, the plague and chlamydia and whose biggest major side effect is tendon rupturing, specifically Achilles, minor side effect nausea. I only have to take it for five days, one down – waves of nausea in process.

I will go back in four weeks for another CT scan and hopefully we will only see my original old tumor and it will not be all lit up. He was also calling my other oncologist today because he really thinks they should throw me back on the chemo while we see if I have one hollowing out tumor, or two.

If after the antibiotics my coughing continues to get worse or I go back and the ct shows multiple masses still glowing, I will then have the surgery and we will kill the shit out of all of it.


2 thoughts on “2nd Opinions & WHY YOU SHOULD GET THEM!

  1. Okay. Good. Progress sort of. One step up and two steps back or something like that…..I don’t know how you keep from going crazy. When will you know about the chemo restarting? I always always wonder what other people who have less fight or less inclination to dig deeper do. Do they just sit there? do they just give up? I have always been inspired by and have admired your ability and willingness to dig deeper to question everything to never settle. Often, you are why I am no longer content to do something just because that’s the way everyone else does or that’s the way it has always been. “but why, and what works better for me” ….

  2. Thank you, that was an incredibly nice thing to say.
    I don’t know About the chemo. If I don’t hear anything by Friday I will call. Honestly I wouldn’t be too upset if we skipped one. Give my body a chance to heal.
    I think some of those people die. 🙁

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