6 of One

When I was first diagnosed with cervical cancer I found myself wanting to tell people all the time, No, it’s not that kind of cervical cancer, it’s thee other kind of cervical cancer. People frequently said things like, oh! It’s cervical cancer! My (friend, mom, aunt, sister) had that and it was nothing. I felt so dismissed. I really did find myself saying all the time, no, mine is more serious, I’m adenocarcinoma not squamous and mine is Stage IIIB!

Now if I say I have lung cancer, peoples voice drops to a very quiet somber tone.

I guess I’m just not satisfied with any reaction I get!



3 thoughts on “6 of One

  1. I wish we were all better at it but I think most people still don’t know how to react when someone says cancer. And as hard as it is in person to give a kind and empathetic response, reacting online is more challenging without the visual cues.

    I’m sorry. I wish you could get exactly what you need while you wage this battle.

    1. You know, I think I have everything I need almost all of the time. But I try to make sure I write down the bad thoughts as well as the good. I remember all of the people who use to send me messages because I was saying things they were thinking but didn’t want to say. I am lucky, my bad thoughts are almost always very short term. I have an amazing life and I know it. I have friends far and near that care about me, who could ask for more than that?

  2. You are a wonder that even in the midst of dealing with this that you can remember and appreciate the good that is there also. 🙂

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