vacation day!

I am in bed enjoying those last few moments before I start revving my engines. I am also typing this from my tablet so there may be oddities.

I will get up and go work out soon, then shower, hair and make-up, packing everything I touch as I go. Midmorning I will head out to go to the bank, the gas station and pick up my sister. We will be in the cat for approximately five hours including all the little stops along the way. I have learned that I now enjoy long drives. I rarely get motion sickness from it any longer and I enjoy the forced single action solitute. Some people drive talking, texting, emailing and they are not only dangerous but missing out on letting themselves enjoy the time. With my sister in the car it will also be a time to let the conversation wander over a hundred topics with no hurry to get it all in.

Since its a vacation day I think I will splurge and have a second cup of coffee. I am a wild woman. Ick! While typing this I took a handful of vitamins & supplements and one of the capsules is stuck in my throat. I do that all of the time. Eventually the capsule dissolves and I’ll find out which pill it was. Unpleasant, you would think at some point I would learn and start taking them in smaller handfuls.

Ah, I hear the hot water thief up. Looking forward too the hotel just so I can take a steamy shower.


2 thoughts on “vacation day!

  1. Baby its cold outside. Pack warm clothes!

    I have been having a problem with a few of my pills lately so I have been having lots of water with them!

    I hope you have a very pleasant, uneventful ride here.

    1. It IS cold here! I’m all about the layers. 🙂
      I drink a ton of water. That’ll make for a fun car drive tomorrow. We can stop every 30 minutes for bathroom breaks.
      Welllllll it was mostly uneventful.

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