Sooooo Sleepy

I know that I in fact got 8 hours of sleep, it is just that I had a lot of wake ups and stay ups in there and now I am so tired. I have that not enough sleep headache.

This upcoming week went from nothing to do, to stuff everyday and double booked on one day. Sorry Erin – no Wednesday trip for me. 🙁

Today is an unplanned trip to the vet for the puppy. She is showing signs of a urinary tract infection so in she goes. It was a long day of barking and ins and outs yesterday, and she started again at 4am. Poor puppy. Though she seems much better this morning, as this is how it usually works, isn’t it?

My damn cat made everything worse! I brought the dog into the living room and set up a bed on the couch for us, I say us because she was determined to lay with her head on my lap as a pillow. She of course could only get comfortable pushing her skull into the spot on my hip that cannot be touched without pain. I also shut the doors leading to my bedroom so my husband could sleep since he gets up at 6 for work, but that cat just would not leave the doors alone! He apparently thinks it is unacceptable. So then he would wake up the dog and I . I will spend some time sneaking up on him and waking him up today to get revenge.

But, I think it is far more likely that I will curl up on the couch and watch some Sunday night DVR’d shows and then nap this afternoon. I am very lucky that I am able to do that!

I really need to do coursework today. After getting great feedback last week I have barely touched it since. 🙁 I do not want to get off track.

It is a good day for hanging out inside. Cool and windy.


Oh Oh Oh I’m on Fire

It has been a strange week for me. Something is going on physically. Almost all of my joints were sore, and a good chunk of muscle groups too. I worked out on Monday and then didn’t go back to the gym because it feels like I spent a weekend pretending to be a lumberjack. I assume it is an inflammatory issue. With me almost everything is an inflammation issue. I have been eating a lot of potatoes and potatoes are said to cause inflammation. I have that on my list to research but just haven’t gotten to it yet.*

I had chemo on Friday and was not happy that my bloodworm showed white blood cell count rising and lymphocytes dropping. This is the second one in a row to show that. I cannot tell you how pissed off I am going to be if my next CT shows that stupid ass MAC infection is still there.

But at the same time, it was a nice week. The weather was beautiful for the most part and I spent a lot of time on course work and got some good feedback so I know I am heading in the right direction.

A friend is dealing with a medical issue that makes me sad and concerned. I don’t really have anything else to say about that. It is just so aggravating to have so many people with problems. I want them all to be better.

If my husband has no firm plans for us today I will either do a 10:30 workout or a Noon Buti Yoga. I want to do both but I am almost positive that two days after chemo is not a good time to try that!

Dusty has been off of our bed for a couple of weeks now and she seems to have adjusted. I do miss our morning cuddles though.


*I wonder how TJ’s husband is doing after his procedure


Eat your Supplements with a Fork

I have bought at least 50 different supplements in my life. Mostly after the initial cancer treatment. I was so depleted and unable to eat anything healthy that it seemed like I must just be missing something. I think I tried everything. Some things helped, most didn’t.

Just before, in an odd twist of fate it was actually four days before, I was diagnosed a second time with cancer I consulted a Naturopath. I really liked her and she gave me some great advice and a list of new supplements to buy and start taking. So I did. Only one seem to make any visible difference. Maybe they were all helping me on the inside but it would have been nice if I had seen a more impactful change.

Recently while going through all of my course materials I heard a presentation about supplements and why they are not usually the best way to go. If I take a handful of supplements in the morning and fill my belly with all of the RDA of 19 different vitamins and minerals I am probably receiving some benefit, but the benefit is not as great as you would expect for a couple of reasons. One – when these vitamins were created they are based on the science saying your body benefits from a certain amount of a vitamin a day. Let’s use Vitamin C as the example. They found out you benefit at that amount by studies done with people eating food with vitamin C. Then then created a Vitamin C tablet. What that doesn’t account for is all of the different things in the food they tested that might interact with Vitamin C, in the food and in your body. There may be much less benefit by getting that vitamin without the combination of Fiber, Vitamin A, and whatever else is in actual food. Two – your body may not need Vitamin C at that moment. It may need it six hours later but your body has already processed the Vitamin and gotten rid of the excess C.

The only solution is to eat your supplements. Every meal. Get a wide variety of foods that are healthy and good for your body.

Eat your Vitamins!

I do still take a Multi-vitamin – twice a day, and Vitamin B with Folic Acid. My body is pretty beat up from the ongoing chemo and I cannot always eat the foods I need to so I am padding my odds as much as possible. Anyone who does not eat a range of meat and fish should also take B12. It is not present in most of the veggies and fruits we eat anymore so as Vegan/Vegetarians we need to supplement.



My Bonafides

This is my current medical history and how and why I became so fascinated by the role that diet & nutrition plan in your health and well being.

My Medical History – Or – What got us to this point in my life!