Just chit chat

On Friday I completed my final exam and passed (barely) so now I am officially a certified Holistic Nutritionist. I ordered some used books about nutrition and cancer so I can begin real specializing of my thinking.

i spent some time thinking what I need to make me feel like the money and the effort were worth it and I think honestly if I can help just one person be healthier and maybe either recover or protect themselves from cancer it will be 100% worth it.

I have already started contacting one group that offers services to cancer patients  and in the next week or two I will contact a few others.

My neighbor texted me yesterday to ask if Dusty ate steak. Oh my goodness didn’t I have a happy dog!

Haven’t  really been working out the last month. Too hot, too many aches and pains. Hopefully I will get back in the habit this month. Started running again to open my lungs back up. Started working immediately. Sigh..

Maybe in all my research I will find a clue to why I have high blood pressure. I have had it for all of my adult life and been on meds since my 30’s. I did just drop my dose down, but diet and exercise will only do so much for me. Okay, there is genetics but, still has to be an underlying cause.

Enough rambling.






Meal Plan – Attempt #2

I had to make some changes to my meal plan. This particular theory of eating suggests that you have two courses for meals, at least, sometimes three, to help you fill up on better food first. I am 50% there with that theory, and if you were eating less healthy food I would agree. I think with mine you could skip course one if you wanted to.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Overnight Oats – Cinnamon, Raisins, Raw Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds and Almond or Cashew Milk Pancakes with thawed Frozen Berries Overnight Oats – Cinnamon, Raisins, Raw Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds and Almond or Cashew Milk Breakfast Burrito Overnight Oats – Cinnamon, Raisins, Raw Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds and Almond or Cashew Milk Pancakes w/thawed Frozen Berries – Freeze remaining Portions Breakfast Burrito – Freeze Remaining Portions
Snack Sliced Apple w/Nut Butter OatMeal Cookies Sliced Apple w/Nut Butter Cut Up Raw Vegetables w/Dip Sliced Appple with Non-Dairy Cheese and WholeGrain crackers Raw Vegetable Sticks with Nut Butter and Dried Fruits Guacamole w/Oil Free Tortilla Chips
Lunch Course 1:  Mixed Greens salad with Oil Free Dressing   Course 2:  MacDougalls Tomato Basil Pasta Soup Course 1: Fruit Salad   Course 2:  Lentil Soup w/Pita Course 1: Mixed Greens salad with Oil Free Dressing   Whole Grain Pasta with Mixed Veggie & Tomato sauce Course 1: Apple/raisin/Nut slaw  Course 2:Vegetable Soup w/Whole Grain Crackers Course 1:  Mixed Greens Salad w/Oil Free dressing  Course 2:  MacDougalls Cup Tortilla Soup Vegetarian Chili w/Non Dairy Cheese & No Oil Tortilla Chips – Freeze remaining portions Course 1:  Hummus & raw Vegetables  Course 2: Lentil Soup with Pita – Freeze remaining Portions
Snack Air Popped Popcorn w / Mrs. Dash Black Bean Hummus with No Oil tortilla chips Air Popped Popcorn w/Nutritional Yeast Black Bean Hummus with No Oil tortilla chips Air Popped Popcorn w / Mrs. Dash Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – HomeMade – Freeze remaining Portions
Dinner Course 1: Mixed Greens Salad  Course 2: Gardein 7 Grain Crispy Strips with Air Fried Potato chunks & Salsa Course 1: Mixed Fruite Salad with Raw Nuts  Course 2: Whole Grain Pasta with mixed veggie & tomato sauce Home Made Black Bean Burger (Freeze Remaining Portions) on Whole Grain Bun with All the Veggies! French Fries made in Air Fryer Course 1: Avacado Potato Salad  Course 2:  Mixed Greens Salad – with Non Dairy Cheese, Chopped up Black Bean Burger & Salsa Course 1: Avacado Potato Salad  Course 2: Vegetable Soup with Whole Grain Crackers – GreenSalad with chopped vegetables Course 1: Mixed Greens Salad  Course 2:  Vegetable Lasagna (Freeze Remaining Portions) Course 1: Thai Slaw  Course 2: MacDougalls Cup – Pad Thai – steamed mixed vegetables aded
Snack Non-Dairy yogurt with Frozen Blueberries Cut Up Raw Vegetables w/Dip Frozen Grapes & Cherries with Raw Nuts Non-Dairy yogurt with Frozen Blueberries Frozen Grapes & Cherries with Raw Nuts Baked & Seasoned Chick Peas with raw Vegetables Frozen Grapes & Cherries with Raw Nuts

Just a clarification

Had a conversation yesterday that I thought was a good point to share. People have said more than once about buying organics that is isn’t necessary because we grew up eating this food and we are okay.

So first, we are not okay. The rates of disease in this country have never been higher. Don’t believe me? Come sit at the chemo center for a week and see how many people you run into that you know.

The other fallacy is that this is the same food you were eating 30 or 40 years ago. It is not. Look at old pictures of chickens and then look at a picture of a chicken about to be “processed” by a manufacturer.


They are completely different. Our foods have now gone through decades of change from chemicals. Not just the ones that are now part of our day to day life through the air we breathe but from the massive amount of chemicals we add to our livestock to make them more profitable and grow our food in to make it disease and pest resistant.

We did not have to label the food as Organic, because the organic food was just food. Eating organics is simply making the choice to eat food that is closer to it’s original state.


How do we achieve the freedom to change?

The other day I was pondering big lifestyle changes and the people who do or do not do them. I am not talking about people like me who have spent a decade making small changes and working my way up to this, I am talking about people who go from one life to another overnight – ish. In my tiny little bit of experience people who dive into a complete change to a crazy healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and attitude are usually successful confident people. So why?

Here is what I think. I believe that these people are natural risk takers. They are accustomed to making a decision, setting a goal, and assuming it will succeed. I am not saying they always succeed but they believe through sheer force of will they will get what they want. The rest of us are used to having to compromise. We know that if we wake up one day and decide from now on we will work out every day and only eat healthy it is a lot of juggling. We need to join gyms and yoga studios and figure out how we are going to feed our families while we are feeding ourselves completely different meals. We need to carve out many many hours of our week to do these things. And then if we fail, if after six weeks we realize we have spent a lot of money on healthy food and membership fees and workout clothes and are sitting in front of the tv munching Doritos we are failures. So we don’t. We make our tiny little changes and hope they help. That is what I did. I made tiny little changes. Some stuck, some didn’t. But I keep trying.

I wonder if all of us had the freedom, financial and responsibility, what we would do? If we had all of the support that wealthy successful people had would we be healthier and stronger?

I am not done with this topic. There is another side to it for people facing terrible diseases. Why do some people do everything they need to do to get better, and some do not.