Just a Saturday pretending to be a Sunday

I’m totally just stalling. I have a busy day today and I know step 1 is hopping on my bike and once that starts I’ll be running until about 5. I have Fit Club at 9:30, then home to shower, then my son and I are driving my husband to the Detroit Airport, then I’m going to see if I can find my way from DTW to Trader Joes in Ann Arbor. Sean has never been there so we’ll be doing some Sean shopping. I suspect any tracking software on Trader Joes cash registers will be confused by the sudden influx of non-vegetarian food.

Okay, really, that’s all I have to do, but honestly that’ll take me right up until about 5 before I get home! My ears are ringing really badly again today. I knew it was coming, my balance was quite off yesterday. When I was talking to my neighbor Pat we were walking towards my yard and I literally ran right into her. I just keep telling myself at least I don’t have the constant vertigo that some people have. I was very lucky that a low dose of the meds really knocked out the worst of it.

Yesterday I picked up a pair of pants at Costco, not my normal place for clothing shopping, but they were thin corduroy which I like and they were Calvin Klein which I was wearing at the time. I picked up a size 8 and they fit almost perfectly. They are a little LOOSE but incredibly comfortable. 🙂 I started wearing a size 8 when I was 16. I went right from girls sizes to a size 8 and no matter how thin I was I never dropped below that. I whooped out loud.

Pretty damn excited about this muscle I’m gaining and the reshaping it’s doing. I am one pound away from a total loss of 40 pounds in the last three years. 40 pounds with no dieting. Just exercise and keeping an eye on what I was eating and making healthier choices.  I know, three years seems like a long time but I had some unexpected circumstance that took a big chunk of my time.

Okay, really. No more stalling, off I go.







This morning I’m reflecting. I started thinking about all of the people I’ve known in my life who made me who I am, but are no longer in my life. Family, friends, co-workers, boyfriends and even casual strangers. It’s funny how people impact your personality with just casual touches in your life. Each person adds something to your mix that becomes a permanent ingredient in who you are.

I remember a girl that I went to High School with. I didn’t really know her but she was in a couple of classes with me. I thought she was very pretty but there was something unique about her. She was very calm, and very quiet. Polite and seemed nice. She always looked impeccable and I remember she never wore jeans, which in the late 70’s early 80’s was unheard of. When I think of her, I think of her quietness and the fact that she seemed so genuine, no artifice. I don’t remember her name but I remember everything about her personality. She helped structure what I think of as a good looking person.

I think the bad people leave an impact on your life as well and hopefully I have learned as much about what not to be from them as I learned from people who touched me in a positive way. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a gathering an invite every single person who has touched your life even in the smallest way to spend a couple of hours just sitting around talking to each other. I wonder how many of them always already know each other. This reminds me of something that happened earlier this week!

Facebook prompted me to connect with someone I didn’t know. I clicked on their profile to see why Facebook thought I should know them. It was so weird, they were listed as being mutual friends with my sister, my youngest niece, the daughter of someone I went to High School with, someone who works out with me at Fit Club that I did not know previously and the neighbor in my office building. Again, everything intersecting.

My daughter is hosting her very first Thanksgiving today. My sister has passed on the torch. I remember my sisters first hosting of Thanksgiving. She lived in a duplex and my son was four months old. Erin made Turkey in the crockpot, which was blue and white I think. Its a nice memory. I am happy for my daughter that she will start building these memories now. All of this new family in her life that will start adding layers to her personality.

When I woke up this morning after the morning rituals of feeding the dogs I plopped down on the couch and looked up at the streetlight that is outside my front window and it had just started snowing large flakes of snow. I wish my cell phone could have taken a good picture of it. Lovely.

Snow under the worlds brightest street light!
Snow under the worlds brightest street light!



The reason I sleep like a rock these days…

Below is my workout last night. Each exercise was done for 1 minute then switch to cardio, then to next exercise. After the first circuit, I was pretty proud that I didn’t die. After the second circuit I was pretty sure that I was in fact going to just keel over. After the THIRD time around I really just didn’t care anymore and wanted to curl up and take a nap. I think I might be missing one because I thought she said there were ten.

  • 1-
  • Two 15 pound barbells-dead lifts
  • 30 seconds Jumping jacks or lunges or other cardio weirdness
  • 2-
  • Pushups
  • 30 seconds Jumping jacks or lunges or other cardio weirdness
  • 3-
  • Weird lunges where you curtsy kind of while holding two weights and doing curls
  • 30 seconds Jumping jacks or lunges or other cardio weirdness
  • 4-
  • Side Arm Plank
  • 30 seconds Jumping jacks or lunges or other cardio weirdness
  • 5-A huge giant 600 Million pound weight that you lifted over your head and brought down behind your head and then held it here why you were doing squats
  • 30 seconds Jumping jacks or lunges or other cardio weirdness
  • 6-
  • Other Side Arm plank
  • 30 seconds Jumping jacks or lunges or other cardio weirdness
  • 7-
  • Balance on your stomach Face down on a stability ball while lifting two weights up to shoulder height
  • 30 seconds Jumping jacks or lunges or other cardio weirdness
  • 8-
  • Lift a kettlebell over your head and hold it while doing squats
  • 30 seconds Jumping jacks or lunges or other cardio weirdness
  • 9-
  • V-Sit
  • 30 seconds Jumping jacks or lunges or other cardio weirdness

When I got done and whimpered my way home I then had to get on the treadmill because all that weight lifting doesn’t give you any steps and I still had to get in another 3000 steps. Geesh. Teaches me to skip my lunchtime steps. Which I did again today.

~I feel so much stronger now! I have little muscles in my arms.

~I joined a Planet Fitness that they just put in by my house. Only because they have a circuit just like curves. I will like being able to stop there on the way home and just do a quick 30 minutes on the machines. I was just starting to get some really good muscles when I had to stop going to my curves. Of course,this is $10.00 a month and curves was around $30.00. Way Way over-priced.

~I have a program called TripIt. It scans my email for reservations and then downloads the data into the app on my phone so all of my travel info is in one place. It’s really very handy. My husband sends me copies of his travel info too.

Today I got this in my email:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Support at TripIt <support@tripit.com>
Date: Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 10:30 AM
Subject: Your trip to Paris, France is starting soon!


I am not going to Paris but my husband is. Just not right.


Random picture from my phone for you to ponder: