Filling up an Empty Mind

I haven’t read a book in a very long time. I’m not sure how I went from reading two or three books at a time to reading nothing more than the blurbs in the Time magazine that is delivered to my house. Last week I decided enough was enough! I grabbed my Nook and charged it up and added a book to it.

It was a perfect way to dip my toes back in. Very quick read that I quite enjoyed! I think some of my problem may have been that I was trying to read on my Nexus which just has far too many distractions and is really hard on my eyes. The nook is just like holding paper except it’s usually lighter.

Next on the agenda is the last Dan Brown that I never got past the fourth page on.

I had a 3rd Cousin that’s actually in the area contact me on That’s kinda cool.



Just a couple of pictures





I loved the way the beans looked with the sun shining on thier bin.


I also love the way my little girlie bird looks when she’s tamping down her nest. She’s been working very hard on her next for about five days. We would be very excited to see little eggs but normally her nesting stops after a few weeks and all goes back to normal.



Don’t tell her, but I think she may be a little too old to have babies.

It’s very entertaining to watch the pair of them interact.




Dreams on too many drugs

Doubled my dose for my V.M. med last night and it always causes weirdness. Slept for a very long time, and had strange dreams.
The first thing I remember is getting into a car and I didn’t have any clothes. I was driving home and it was stressful that I didn’t have any clothes but I thought, at least I’m in the car. My car then broke down a block from my house. I had to get out of the car and walk the rest of the way home. I found a rubber glove and used it to hold in front of me. It managed to cover most of the front of me as I walked quickly home.
When I got home Sean and Katy were there. They were maybe 5 and 6 six years old. Sean was explaining to me that the Hot Water tank had broken and was in the process of being replaced. He had called people about it and they were taking care of it. He paid for it and it was very expensive so I would need to repay him. I looked in the utility room and could see the old hot water heater and the new hot water heater. I was trying to make a cup of coffee when the people who were replacing the hot water heater showed back up. The owner of the company and some other guy. The owner was walking around my house with a clipboard making notes and at some point he pushed me out of the way.

Went into Katys room and she was in there – there was a small wind up toy that had an actual tiny woman on it, the wheels on the bottom were causing it to flip on its side. The little woman was mean. I picked up the toy and fixed the bottom, it was a wheel that was bent. I couldn’t permanently fix it but I could straighten it so that the woman could be upright for a while.


the thin line between love & hate

I have stopped working for 10 minutes just to type this out so I can share all of my whining with someone other than Brad and drink a 1100th cup of coffee this morning.

I spent the first 30 minutes  of my 60 minute workout this morning sitting on the couch explaining to myself why I shouldn’t work out. I did spend the last 30 actually working out. Here were my reasons:

1. I’m all swollen and puffy today

2. I feel very out of it

3. my head hurts a little  ( I think one through three are all related – I have been very dizzy the last couple of days and not taking anything. Something is triggering a migraine {which for me is dizziness not standard headache} and I need to get a handle on it. I kept walking into things again yesterday)

4. my nose is runny

5. my throat is all dry and icky

6. My legs hurt

7. My back hurts

8. My shoulders hurt

9. My fingers hurt ( 6-9 – all about the workout last night – and I guess everything doesn’t really hurt so much as they as just being stiff and movement takes effort)

10. I want to curl up under my electric blanket and read my book. (I settled on Doctor Sleep)

Back to work . My brain is fuzzy so I will use this morning to do the biannual office cleaning and sorting and just general taking care of office business that’s not really company business.