Just food




Had a fun dinner last night. My husband, my sister and I met up with some of the people from the Toledo Vegetarian MeetUp group. We went to a japanese restaurant that is very popular for their sushi but also is vegetarian friendly. Let’s start with dessert!

Mine is the giant ball of whipped cream with chocolate drizzled over it. Underneath all that fluff is a much smaller Tempura Ice Cream.  It was very nice. My sister had the strawberry mochi ice cream. Teeny tiny.


For dinner many of us had the Vegetarian Bento box. I was so excited when I saw it that I forgot to take a picture of it before we chowed down! My husband and I shared this one. I thought it was just wonderful. I liked almost everything on it!

And that is all I have to say about that!





I like to tell people I don’t have a temper but more and more as I get older I find I do. I am losing my tolerance for certain things. Since I also strongly believe that what you find disturbing to the point of anger in other people is frequently (not always) something you yourself are guilty of it makes me even madder to think I may be doing the exact same things that make me mad. It’s so much easier to go ahead and find fault with others instead of looking at myself.

But instead of ranting about all of the people in the world who annoy me, I will show you random pictures from my phone.


These are the pants I am rehoming. I bought them when I dropped from a size 12 to a size 10.  Two weeks later they stopped fitting me and this weekend I replaced them with these!

YAY!! The weird thing is I went from a size 10 to a size 6 without losing any weight. Nada. None. It’s all just adding muscle and shifting things around. I’m not very tall so it’s lovely to buy smaller pants because the length is usually better.


I did not buy these, but wouldn’t they be tasty with sloppy joe?



This picture popped up on my computer the other day and I cracked up. I don’t remember ever seeing it before. That’s my niece and myself in particularly unflattering poses!


Yay! I got my inhaler. I don’t know how much it helps but I’m giving it a shot!
WP_003840 WP_003839

I brought things in for Brad. A bag with a lovely surprise in the fridge and on his desk is another bag with a less surprising snack food. HE DIDN”T COME IN TO WORK!

So I took pictures of things, then sent them to Brad via Text,and now I shall throw them all away!





I’m so hungry I could vomit…

I rarely get hungry, I mean really hungry. I’m always munching on little things so there is no chance for my body to experience what real hunger feels like. Today I am a little off. My digestive system is a little annoyed at me and I still think I’m fighting off a cold, and now my throat hurts, and I had to take acetaminophen,  but then this afternoon my stomach started feeling bad. Painful and nausea.  The problem is I can’t tell if I’m hungry or my stomach is sick. Does that happen to anyone else? I sure hope it was hunger, because I’m eating my lunch as I type this!

Everyone who jots notes on paper for anything must immediately go buy a Boogie Board! My second one just arrived, the larger one that I will keep at work and I am just immediately and irrevocably in love… I wish I could think of a good excuse to buy myself one of the small purse size ones now. Though I know I will have no use for it, at all.

Boogie on down to the Boogie Board store!
The BEST use of plastic EVER!

Back to work!