Friday Lunch post!

Last night my sister and I went to the painting class.

It was quite nice.  I don’t particularly like my painting, but I still enjoyed it. I wasn’t really in the mood to paint. Now that I’m looking at it, I would make a few changes and like it much better. It’s a shame I threw all my acrylics away!  It’s almost harder when someone else is telling you step by step what to do.


Didn’t get home until 22:00 so I ended up eating a giant piece of Red Velvet cake with Cream cheese frosting and filling for dinner. lame.

I have rounded the corner and am now counting down with despair to the end of my vacation. I don’t want my vacation to start because I don’t want it to end. I oh so dearly wish I was rich and could just give up this working thing and travel as much as I want.


This stuff is SO good! I don’t seem to be having any problem with the carbonation either. So, yay me!

I didn’t actually bring any lunch with me to work. I’ve been living on mostly slimfast and caramels during the day for the last week or so. I just needed to give my digestive system a break. This is the first time I’m had slim fast regularly and I have to admit I feel pretty good.  I use to use different nutritional shakes when I was unable to eat enough real food to get any kind of good nutrition, Ensure, Balance, those kind of things. But I think I like the SlimFast better, rather than just not making me hurt, it seems to be speeding up the healing. I just switched from SlimFast to the Costco version of slimfast, same dif though right? Today I really want to eat everything in site. I guess I’m glad I don’t have a lot of food with me! I’m eating all the scraps and snacks I have around the office.

Example of a passive insult: You spend a few minutes talking about a subject. 30 minutes later the person you were talking to tells you about their discovery of the same facts that you told them 30 minutes earlier.

This happens to me so often by more than one person that I really have to assume that I am the worst at babbling on about things that no one cares about so people have gotten use to just tuning me out. I find myself in certain circumstances just not speaking. Why bother if the other person doesn’t really care what you’re saying?



Lunch Blog!


These are my scarves that wouldn’t upload yesterday. Now I see it is blurry! 🙁

I didn’t bring any lunch with me today so I ran over to The Fresh Market and picked up some pumpkin & coriander soup, a kaiser roll, two pieces of chocolate and some bubbly water with flavor. It’s a nice little splurge. Mike in my office was the first to notice the french theme. It was unintended! My soup is actually from France. 🙂 My chocolate is from Switzerland (toblerone) so I am quite multi-national today.

I normally only drink carbonated beverages with vodka or whiskey but I switched to sparkling water with flavoring and no sweetener and it’s really grown on me. So, I got a big bottle of Perrier with Lemon for our Wine & Painting class tonight and couldn’t resist buying  La Croix sparkling water with Pear & Peach on impulse. Pear & Peach are my two favorite flavors in drinks.  I have Trader Joes sparkling water with Mandarin Orange at home and the other day I sprinkled the tiniest amount of Stevia in it. Really Really good! Much better than the Sevia sodas. I suggest you Sevia Soda drinking people give that a try. Trader Joes also sells this tiny little bottle of Stevia, it’s a really fine powder and you only need like a 1/16 of a tsp to equal the sweetness of a teaspoon of sugar. I literally sprinkled like a 1/100 of a tsp in my water. Perfect.

Okay – Lunch over!




Busy Busy Busy


Whenever I say “busy” more than once I hear Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh.

Monday was unplanned, tuesday was workout after work, wednesday is yoga after work, thursday is workout, then a painting class after work, Friday is currently unplanned, Saturday is shopping, Sunday is a meditation class at the Zen Buddhist group. I’m not really that interested in the meditation part of the Zen Buddhist class but I’m interested in the Zen buddhists. Corey & My sister are going as well.

I would like to buy a scarf. I don’t know that I’ve ever gone shopping for a scarf. I want a big decorative scarf that has blue, black brown and white that I can wear on vacation for added warmth, or to cover me up in rain or wind, or just to tie Corey up in the hotel room at night. Kidding about one of those reasons. I’ll probably take my light brown jacket, and my Red Sox White hoodie. It will hopefully be in the high 50’s or better when we’re there. So layering will be key.

I also need to buy a lock to hang on the bridge in Paris. Gotta do the touristy stuff!

In between writing that and now I went to Elder Beerman on my lunch hour and what did they have? A huge display of scarves that were on sale! I bought two. One that was cute and I loved and one that I liked but it was bigger and will serve the purpose better.


I also found the jewelry clearance rack and bought two pairs of earrings for myself and two identical bracelets for my very identical nieces. They’re just funky little things that I thought they might have fun with.

I spent the day listening to basic French lessons on my ear bud while I worked.







Just a monday missive

“I think it automotive service department. I was calling in regards to last the Democrats to makesure I think on what the keys Texas may receive an email to write your visit and if you look to try toforested appreciate it. I don’t know if you want to thank you for being a look at the customer and we greatly appreciate it. Have a.”

Ah Google Voice I’ve missed your fun translations. It’s funny, when you read something nonsensical in a place where you don’t expect it you reread it a couple of times as if you think it must be you, not them.

I am starting to make a mental list of things to take on vacation. It’s different if it’s an overseas country rather than a quick trip to Chicago. I have to rethink things that I won’t be able to easily replace if I forget it, and I have to pack for space saving which I don’t normally. 14 days is a lot of clothes.

I am on a long conference call – and I am half listening, since it only really peripherally concerns me. I almost chimed in with a very inappropriate statement! That’s why I keep my phone on mute when I’m not speaking, in case I  start talking to myself, outloud.

If eyedrops are poisonous (AND THEY ARE) and I put in eyedrops and five minutes later, I taste the eyedrops;

1.) am I deformed inside somewhere?

2.) am I slowly poisoning myself?



Not much worth reporting yet.

After I wrote this I went and did a little research. This is the answer to number 1.

I was searching for Gourmet Lollipops on Amazon and the search categories on the left startled me.

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