A rare work story

I have an 8:30 am meeting with my boss scheduled every Wednesday. We frequently skip it. We just don’t have it.

The meeting was originally scheduled by my boss as a calendar event and for location it is listed as phone/skype.

As a matter of corporate etiquette I have been waiting for him to initiate the meeting via skype.

A few weeks ago I started wondering if maybe he is waiting for me to initiate it and thinking I’m never at the office at 8:30. In my work persona I really do try not to bother anyone who is busy unless I really need them. This has led to people thinking I’m not actually there and doing anything in past jobs!

It’s really been bothering me not to know what the correct procedure should be for a skype meeting with your boss. Are you supposed to type first and assume he’ll answer when he’s ready, or are you supposed to be at your desk waiting for him to contact you. This is just not listed anywhere in the corporate handbook of life.

So today, once again 8:30 am rolls around…no meeting. At 8:35 I finally sent him a message that explained my whole dilemma of not being sure if I am supposed to initiate, or he is supposed to initiate.

To which he replied:

Can’t talk now, in a meeting.

I laughed out loud. I get along well with my boss.


Arc de Triomphe, Paris
A Spiral of indecision. Which way is right? Up, down, around, and around.



Once upon a time there were two little sisters….

then 45 years later they were both adults.One day one of these sisters was asked to recount a happy memory from childhood. Imagine her chagrin when she could not.
She went to the other sister and asked to borrow one of her happy memories, much to her surprise that sister was also unable to recount one. As a matter of fact for many years the sister had no memories at all until she was a teenager and had often wondered why, perhaps something wrong with her?

The sisters discussed this for quite awhile trying to figure out who had taken the memories. Many theories postulated.

A subject to be dug into or a past best left buried?


The Metro Entrances in Paris were sometimes works of art by themselves.
The Metro Entrances in Paris were sometimes works of art by themselves.

Just pondering…

For some people it’s easier to express their feelings for people they aren’t close to. They can look at a hurt child and feel sympathy and concern and take care of this stranger but if their own child is hurt they are more likely to pat the kid on the head and say “Come on, it doesn’t hurt that much, go play.” I know these statements are true so I started thinking about why.


It is safer to show weakness to someone who can not really hurt you.  If it is someone you care deeply about they are then able to see the chinks in your armor and have the ability to wound you.

If you love someone unconditionally with all of your heart and soul and they are hurt you might not be able to cope, you must be the tough one to give them someone to lean on.

If you let the world see how much you care about someone then something will happen to that person and you will lose them. It is just the way life works.

As a person gets to know you, over time they will start to see your faults. The more open and honest you are with them the less they will like you. It is better to remain aloof and closed off.


I think that it really all comes down to safety and trust.


I’m sure for many months random pictures from vacation will show up on here.




I have horrible feet. They’re flat, completely totally flat. Except for my big toes, which stick up. My left foot has Plantar fasciitis and these ridiculous inoperable bone spurs on my heel. Really, quite incredibly painful. I wear orthotics in my shoes and I am very careful about the shoes I wear. Last month I picked up a pair of “good” inserts at DSW. I usually pick up a new pair when I buy new shoes. They have neon green on them which adds a little fun to my day.  They were $19.99. They are quite nice, I actually went looking online to see if I could find them cheaper and stock up on a few pairs for my other shoes.

A week or so later I saw some on clearance at Walgreens for $6.00 or so. I thought, well they won’t be as good but they might be a good back up.

It wasn’t until later I noticed the similarities.


The writing around the outside edges is almost identical!

Also the unique diamond shape pattern on the underside of the hard plastic piece is identical.

I think they are the same manufacturer sold under two different brand names. Guess which name I’ll buying it under again!

Feet are important. Mine were very beat up on vacation. I even twisted my ankle our first full day in Amsterdam. Not horribly, but enough that the tendon is still sore. Good shoes and good insoles are very important to me these days.

I also brought home a rash. It popped up our 2nd to last day in Amsterdam. All over my neck. My neck feels like…hmm, I don’t know. The only thing that comes to mind is a Nestles Crunch bar. Some of it spread to my arm. gross.

Laundry is done. One more day of vacation on Tuesday then back to work.