Playing with the new phone camera

Started working from home at like 7am this morning after sending an email in saying that I was taking a sick day or working from home. I guess it is a combination of the two.

I am still learning my new phone. I have been playing with the camera settings – bonus finally learned how to do a quick launch on the camera – so here you go.


I’ve tried a couple of different live plants in there for them and none successful so far. This months try is a chamomile plant submerged in water then roots covered in rocks.


Tricky getting the camera to focus where I want it to focus instead of where it wants to focus!


She is going to get fat and out of shape because she spends hours and hours laying in her nest looking out the window.

My  birds get so strange after I do a cleaning and rearranging of their cage. Everything is new again to them.  Yellow bird is bringing little girl bird nesting material again so we may have more egg drama soon!

Dying Plant!





What day is it?


I have been feeling not good for weeks. Just bad. No energy, no oompf, no joy. I just want to sleep and eat cookies. I hope it changes soon. I really dislike feeling this way. I am apparently healthy, or at least nothing new going on. Just no energy.

I have a new phone. A Droid MAXX – it’s so much bigger than my little HTC Trophy. It’s really just a mini tablet. I must try to get over the fun of playing with a new phone quickly or my data will get all used up! I have a Nexus tablet so basically it’s just like that but a little smaller and can make phone calls. At least I assume it can, I haven’t tried one yet .


I bought a pair of pants at Costco the other week. They are the brightest shade of blue! They were $9.00 so I figured if I wore them a couple of times I got my moneys worth. I put them on last week and they would NOT got over any part of me except my ankles. I just wanted to scream. Instead I folded them and put them in a drawer. This morning I grabbed them and slid them right on. That whole lymphedmia thing is no joke.  I remember when I went to the lymphedmia clinic. They measured me every four inches on both legs and diagnosed it as mild swelling, then a week later they measured me again and were astounded by the fact that in some places I was inches smaller. I can now tell you it’s at least one size different!


I use a rechargeable sonic toothbrush. At the two minute mark the tooth brush depowers for a moment to let you know it’s been two minutes. I do not travel with my toothbrush. When I use a manual toothbrush I find myself brushing for a very long time because I’m always waiting for the toothbrush to tell me to stop!

It took me three days to write this post. Today I put on another pair of pants and suddenly they don’t fit at all. Frustrating. Maybe it’s time to go back on a diuretic. Not the chemical kind, I’ll use a natural one.

I have done much exercise in the last three days and I feel better now. Do not underestimate the power of doing something good for yourself. I wish I had taken a picture of my arms back in November so you could see how far I’ve come.