It was a weird yesterday. I got up a little late but decided to go ahead and do a two mile run on the treadmill instead of a one knowing it would make me about 20 minutes later than normal for work.

Then the city tree-trimmers parked their trucks including the industrial wood chipper outside of my house and suddenly I was surrounded by a beagle. She was so scared. 🙁 So I stayed home until they left.

Then when I was finally driving to work the vet called. So I waited till I was in the parking lot and called them back to get the results of Mili’s biopsy. Not good. They ruled out everything except cancer. They couldn’t identify the abnormal cells as cancer, there simply wasn’t enough material. The vet said we might be able to find a specialist who might do a surgical biopsy but because of where the tumor is and how fast it popped up there really isn’t anything that could be done for her. They can do chemo and radiation on a dog, but honestly it would just be cruel. So, we will just do nothing except watch her and try to make sure she’s never in pain. Weeks, months, years? Who knows. She’s still not eating except a little bit but she’s drinking okay. It’s sad to think about what might the future might be like.


Then I worked all day, well, I was at work all day. Someone made me mad. Something stupid, something expected. Didn’t matter, made me angry. Then I left work and did my standard Tuesday workout. It was fine. Then we did something new. There was a second workout after the first workout. Cardio Drumming. 20 people in a parking lot with giant balls on buckets and drumsticks. Loud music and instructors to tell you what to do. It was so much fun! Lots of yelling and noise and laughing and movement without it being too strenuous. Really a good time. A fine way to end the day!


CardioDrumming2 CardioDrumming3 CardioDrumming1

I’m afraid this is file conversion fail. Lost my sound and tire of screwing around with it!


Another year passes with a nod

This week is the third anniversary of the day I was told I had cancer. It started the two months of progressively worse news. Every time I went to my oncologist he would say, Oh well it’s not really that bad and this is what I think…Then at the next appointment he would say, well, it’s worse than I thought. Luckily at some point that stopped.

I don’t celebrate this anniversary so much as note it. My whole life changed because of that one day. If my doctor had not been the sort of doctor she is I probably would not have been diagnosed for a while longer and my prognosis would have been much worse. She was wonderful and her timing into my life was good.

My life is different now. My priorities are different and my perspective is a little more cemented. I am lucky that I was one of those people for whom the “push come shove” scenario made me stronger and made me fight. I wasn’t sure what kind of person I was going to be. Would I be the graceful and kind trying not to be a bother type or the get out of my way I have research to do type. I’m glad I got tougher. Living is a long process.



My daughter and I out for lunch in September 2011
My daughter and I out for lunch in September 2011