Chemo Kitty

This is a post about Frankie or as Dr Em accurately dubbed him, Chemo Kitty!

I am a cat person but have not had a cat for a long time because we had large dogs. Kittens and large dogs don’t always work together especially if you have more than one dog and they are food protective. We sadly had to put our Mili down a week and half ago and so this last weekend went to the Toledo Humane Society and got a kitten. I will probably be starting chemo next week and I will be home a good part of the next two months so the timing was good.


Frankie was the name given by the Humane Society and we made the mistake of using it, and then it stuck. So Frankie it is! Frankie is smart enough to know that when he is scared or unsure, he finds a human. This particular human is  my son. Frankie was well loved this weekend.

He does not seem to be particularly nervous or frightened and settled into our house very quickly.


Frankie is the size of my hand. He is two months old.


He is very fond of being held and snuggled. If he finds himself alone in a room he will start screaming. It’s not a pleasant sound.


He sleeps hard when he sleeps.

And the beagle was exhausted from watching to make sure he didn’t accidentally get more food than her.



There was much time spent reassuring the beagle that all food was safe. This involved treats every 30 minutes or so the first day which she now assumes is the new norm. It’s very loud in my house between the screaming cat & the howling beagle.

Frankie has his first appointment at the Vet on Saturday. Before that time his new carrier, kitty condo/tree and fancy litter box will arrive. He already has toys in every room and has discovered a love of hair clips, so I will no longer be able to find any I am quite sure.

He will be a big spoiled baby in our house. As it should be.



Unfriendly People!

Yesterday I was really teetering on the edge. I’ve been able to keep this whole cancer chemo thing in perspective pretty well but this week has been difficult. Yesterday my doctor called and said that we needed to move forward with the chemo now because there just isn’t any clinical trial available, that’s cool. That was the expected result. I wasn’t really feeling great yesterday either, I think I’m fighting off a bug on top of everything else. I had prepped myself for the start of chemo news and had mostly decided that if it was confirmed that I would start chemo locally I would go ahead and find a kitten to bring home. See, it all balances out. Some people reward themselves with food, I go for kittens. Still teetering but doing okay, and then one woman tipped me over the edge. I didn’t realize that she was my tipping point until last night.

I received a phone call from some woman who said she was with a Dr’s office that I had never heard of. She was calling to schedule a consultation for me with the surgeon who would implant my port. My veins are trashed from the last chemo so I will need it to be able to get the IV. It wasn’t the call, or the thought that made me sad, IT WAS THE WOMAN! She wasn’t rude per se, she was just unfriendly and somehow sounded like I was bothering her because she was forced to call me.

DUDE – here’s the rule; When you have to call someone and anywhere in the conversation you have to say the words “When will you start chemo?” you are morally obligated to be nice and friendly!

Everyone who reads this remember – one little conversation with a stranger can make or break someones day. You be the one who makes someones day!


That is all. I feel better now.



Not everyones cup of tea

I was curious about how the radiologist knew from my CT Scan that I had emphysema instead of asthma. So I googled!  The images you see below are not from Google, they are my actual CTs. Apparently with emphysema you get inflamed sections that create little pockets of air that cannot be exhaled.

This first one shows what I think are my little pockets of air  – circled in green. I think some of the other larger white spots may also be trapped air. The purple circles are not quite so innocuous. Those are my tumors. I’ve heard other people talk about naming their tumors. I will not be doing that. I hope they won’t be around long enough for me to decide that it is a good idea to give them that kind of personality or power.




On this one you can also see my lung nodule – circled in red. That is the one that at first they thought was cancer but the general consensus now seems to be that it’s just a weird nodule. Not a big surprise that someone would not be the norm on me or in me.




It’s been weird having this space of time not really doing anything but taking care of business before I start treatment. Last time everything happened so fast.  So far no one has been able to find any clinical trials for me so that’s kind of a bummer. I have read them until my eyes blur but no one wants me. Everyone is very busy trying to cure cervical cancer with HPV positive patients, and a lot of Head & Neck cancers. I wonder if those are mostly smoking related?

I will have to get a port implanted again, my veins are trashed and no one wants chemo in trashed veins. That was very painful for a couple of days so expect a cranky post or two when that happens.

What do you think is your worst personality trait? I have been pondering the concept of being honest with ones self versus never really seeing your own faults today. You know honesty in speech is very important to me. I try not to say insincere things and that can occasionally make me seem impolite or downright mean if I am forced to be in a room with people I don’t actually like. But if I say to you “how are you?” I actually am asking and listening to your answer.




Pollyanna….where are you?

Feeling a little tired today. Worn out. Hopefully it’s just a temporary drag on my peppiness. I have been thinking how exhausting it will be if I have to continue to be a cheerleader for my treatment. Still no clinical trials in site. My oncologist called me today (and wasn’t that a surprise) just to give me an update. He hasn’t been able to find one either. He has a couple of more places to check and he will look at a couple I sent him that were possibles.

Tomorrow we will take our big black dog Mili to the vet for the last time. I have a sedative to give her two hours before but I am pretty sure it’s my husband and I that will be the ones who need the sedative. We’re holding on by a thread to begin with the last couple of weeks and this is really just a straw too big for this particular camels back. My daughter will come with us which is very nice.

I just did a search on Mili and these are the only posts I got.

I find it hard to believe that’s all I have of her!

I searched big black dog and found one more:

That date is my sons birthday and it was also the week I was diagnosed with Cancer #1 but had not started talking about it publicly yet.

Well isn’t this a cheerful post! Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good.  OH! I ATE RAW CUCUMBER yesterday and am still here to talk about it! And apple, and raw carrot and a bit of spinach! That’s almost a whole salad!