Alcohol and blogging….what could go wrong?

It’s been a good couple of days. Thanksgiving was almost perfect! Small gathering, tons of laughing.

My version of Thanksgviving


I did not do any cooking. I did shopping. I bought enough sugary foods to put us all in a coma.

My husband and I went to see Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part1 on thanksgiving day. It was very good.

Friday…hmm, what did we do Friday? I don’t think we did much. A little bit of wandering, a lot of reading.

Today we drove up to Dearborn Michigan to see Interstellar at the iMax theater. We both enjoyed it a lot!

Just a cool blue bridge

Tomorrow I must do some cleaning and then I think we’re  going to try and go see the Christmas lights display at the Toledo Zoo.


Monday – uhg…that’s looming. It occurred to me today that no matter what happens on Monday, this will never be over. I will always be in sort of cancer phase. Just uhg.


Feeling Good!

Yay! For the most part back to my normal self. The occasional spurt of blood from my nose, and my pounding heart with any excertion are the last vestiges of the chemo.

Did I ever tell you that I catch myself all the time thinking “oh, I must be coming down with something?” only to reply to myself – “You’re an idiot, it’s the chemo!”

CT Scan on Wednesday.

Looking forward to a lovely quiet Thanksgiving at my daughters.

Been reading lots of small quick books. Rediscovered the library app.

Wiped my Tablet clean and have started over. It was having so many performance problems it was unusable. 🙁

Kitten is still vacillating between being a demon or an angel.


Wrote all that the other day and never finished or posted! 🙂 Still all holds true.

Today is CT Scan day so I had my Banana Barium shake for breakfast. I don’t mind drinking it, I do mind the side effects. Blah….

Tumblr has come up like 7 times in the last week so I created a new tumblr account. I had an old one but I am getting rid of that email account so I started from scratch. Don’t know if I’ll do anything with it. If you use tumblr let me know and I’ll add you.

That is all! Have a good day.







Un-noticeably absent

Do you tell the world when you are going to be absent from the Internet? For some reason it amuses me when people do.

This last round of chemo was a rough one! I haven’t had the energy to even take my thoughts and move them onto a keyboard, and you know how much I love to type!! (oh, I just had a funny thought. What if a blog were written completely like a person talking to themselves? I bet that would be hard to read )

Today is still a rough day but I can see the light at the end of the chemo side effects tunnel. After a round of chemo (Wed-Thurs-Fri) first I get really tired, and my brain gets fuzzy. I can’t concentrate, I can’t think. My stomach feels queasy.  On Friday I come home and go to bed assuming I am there for the next 48 hours. They give me massive doses of steroids, this last one I got some extra, and the steroids wear off around Saturday. My pattern has been to be terribly horribly weak and sick on Saturday so this weekend we (my husband and I) tried to stop it. I drank tons of Coconut water during treatment to stop the dehydration and clean out my system, and I ate something small every couple of hours. Saturday seemed okay. Not as bad as the previous weeks, no fainting, so we were pretty exciting thinking we nailed this. Then Sunday hit. I work up at 6 on Sunday because that’s what time the dog and cat wake up, and I felt pretty good so I decided to get up and move to the livingroom and let my husband sleep in. After all the coconut water I really needed to go the bathroom anyway!

Big mistake. I walked from the bedroom to the livingroom and then the world starting getting very white and wobbly. Couldn’t stand anymore. Plopped down on the recliner. It was a very bad 30 minutes of dizzy. Oh, added a new symptom to it as well. My hearing went. All I could hear was really loud static. Finally started feeling better and now really really had to go to the bathroom. Got up, walked five steps and BAM down I went. My first completely out faint. Woke up thinking – oh shit – where am I?  All in all this whole episode lasted about an hour. Unbelievably unpleasant. I do not ever want to feel like that again. Eventually got steady enough to go back to bed, woke up my long suffering spouse and stayed in bed until Tuesday. I am up this morning but still having my heart go pounding when  I walk a few steps. One of the other problems is that after a round of chemo my digestive systems seems to just shut down. I can eat anything and everything but my body is not processing it correctly. I lose weight. Pounds a day. It’s not until I can start eating calories and not get sick that I start recovering. Which is hopefully TODAY!

I will stay home again today – YAY for a job that allows me that freedom I say for the 100, millionth time! and probably just work this morning and maybe try to leave the house this afternoon. Maybe not! Hopefully back to work tomorrow.

I few weeks ago my voice started changing. At first I thought it was a breathless thing, too weak to push enough air across my vocal cords. Now I think it’s something else. It’s starting to feel like there is something stuck in my throat. One of the chemo meds is known for giving sores in your mouth and they have been asking me weekly about it at the doctors. No sores in the mouth, but I am wondering if maybe it’s in my throat? I don’t know. Hopefully as chemo wears off so does the effect.

Okay. Time to get a cup of coffee and switch to my work my computer. Thanks for listening to my blog’o’sickness!