Tit for Tat

I am not a big celebrity follower. I don’t have a lot of celebrity twitter accounts in my feed, or on my facebook. A lot of them are done by publicists or assistants and there’s really no point especially when you value interaction. I have found a few that I like or find interesting. For instance on my twitter I have Ruth Buzzi.

I don’t see her tweets often, but she is funny and cares about animals.

I do have Mayim Bialik on my facebook. She writes for the website kveller.com and I usually enjoy reading her articles.


Do you follow many celebrities? Do you read them talking about their lives and comment?

Last year I read an article Mayim posted where she said she does not read any comments. Too many of them are mean or disparaging and she doesn’t want or need that negativity.

Does your pleasure in reading a celebrity site change when you find out they will never see any comment you post?


typing on the little keyboard again

Which means lots of mistakes.

I am up to 400 mgs of gabapentin twice a day and I think the neuropathy is still getting worse. Does not  bode well for the next dose of chemo on Tuesday. I was going to look up the standard dose to see where I am on the scale but I got sidetracked. Pressure does not hurt my fingera if it’s even over the finger but many kind of edge does hurt. Putting on earrings is probably the moat painful thing I have run into. I don’t type these things for sympathy but so its understood. When someone tells you they have neuropathy in their fingers don’t think they’re exaggerating because they can hold a glass, ask them to hold a screw in their fingertips and see what happens.


I met a very old friend that I have not seen in 25 years for coffee yesterday. It was wonderful and somehow closed  an open loop that was in my life. Just feels better.

I have The Librarian running on the television in my room while I type this. I am pretty sure this is my kind of show, if it’s done well. I am recording it all day for future binge watching.


Today holds a trip to Costco and a trip to show carnivalStillin search of the perfect black boot. I saw a lovely pair at famous footwear yesterday, not in my size of course. I may have to give in and order them. Never mind. After typing that I went to their website and now I can’t remember which boot it was! #middleclassproblems right?

Allrighty! Pills have kicked in! Time to get up and take a bath.

Life is good.





Blogging About Blogging

I read blogs. I occasionally go wandering WordPress in search of interesting blogs. For me it’s gotta be about the writing. I need people who write well, and and on something that interests me. Occasionally I will add someone to my reader list because they post beautiful pictures. Everyone needs a little beauty in their lives.

So, when I have some time I will pop open my wordpress and scan for updates by these people. There is quite a range. I have a few artists, I have a few people who are carry-overs from Xanga. I have people who mostly just post recipes. I have a couple of tech people. I have a couple of trans-gender people.

My reading list used to be more homogeneous. Now, there doesn’t seem to be a common thread. What I have noticed is that I am less concerned with building relationships with new people than I used to be. With Xanga it was about community. Now I read for information, or for entertainment.

Just passing thoughts.