Another search on Google images that produced interesting results. This time I searched the word Comfort.

This is the kind of comfort I meant.

This one threw me for a loop for a moment until I realized it was instructions!



This Ship is called the Comfort. I would not be comforted if I were on the ship.



Soon I’ll stop being so lazy and will go back to only using my own images.

My fingers are very very sore today, as are my feet and tongue. I think the neuropathy may have spread to my lips of all places. I haven’t googled yet to see if it is a real thing or if I am just making shit up.

I originally googled the word comfort as I was thinking about a blog about how to comfort me.  In general the best thing you can do for me, ever, is just to touch base. Let me know you thought about me. There is always that fear (mostly on the chemo recovery days) of curling up in bed and never getting back up and no one ever noticing. I am so much more needy these days than I am used to. I don’t really think about anyone else but me. I forget about important events in people lives unless I write them down.

Let’s go find a nice picture in the archives to post and talk about. BRB


Me and Tami!
Me and Tami!

A blurry picture, but this is when my husband and I went to Cooperstown NY and met up with the Fabulous Tami and her husband! I have met a few husbands of women I have been talking to for years online and I must say that I have like every single one of them. More than I would have expected to be honest.

My sister and my husband

My sister and my husband

This is my sister Erin ( and my husband on one of our random adventures. This was a charming little place.

My Niece Allie & I
My Niece Allie & I

This is my niece and I before going to a show. I don’t know what I was saying but I appear to have been very dramatic about it. This is how Allie normally looks when I am talking to her.

Okay – breaks over! Back to work. Cleaning out files today so no one has to deal with my personal stuff in my work file cabinet!



Throwback Tuesday?

This was posted on Facebook but I thought I would share it again for those of you not on my Facebook who care.

My husband and I were walking through the Art Museum last month and we stopped to rest in the Peristyle. I was taking a picture of him in this beautiful grand setting and he said to me – “but my hair is a mess”.

Corey Murray at the Toledo Museum of Art
Corey Murray at the Toledo Museum of Art

I off course whipped off my hat. As far as I know this is the only picture of me without a head covering. I would much rather have pictures of no hair, than no make-up!

This is me sans hair.
This is me sans hair.

Today is the Tuesday after chemo. So today I am feeling pretty good. My body is getting back to normal. My heart rate still goes really really high and hard if I walk from room to room, and just taking a bath was exhausting but my mind is clearer and feeling happy. I bitch and complain about the side effects but right now most of them are temporary so I really don’t mind. I just like to chronicle things. So I remember.

I will worked from home for half a day today, the other half a sick time. Tomorrow I will go into the office and hopefully for the rest of the week. So many things to take care of.

I will have dinner tonight with my sister, and then dinner with friends on Friday. Vet for Frankie on Saturday. That’s way more plans than I usually have during this week! I’m pretty sure I have something else, but I’ll be darned if I can remember what it is. I rely so much on those reminder phone calls from Doctors for appointments.

I think I will go find the cat, just to make sure he’s not trapped somewhere: it’s very unusual for him to be in a room by himself. Then I will go find lunch and a nap!





Round number 6: DONE

I went looking for an image to explain how truly disgusting unpleasant chemo Friday is but instead found this:


Yup. That’s pretty true.

Today was the end of round six.

That’s 18 Topotecan, 6 Taxol, and 5 Avastin treatments.

I have one more round scheduled in February, and then another CT scan.

Oh, I like the way my sentences formatted: one longer than the next to form a lovely slant.

It has occurred to me that it will only look that way to me on this editing screen. Your loss, I’m afraid!


Todays story of what chemo fatigue means to me needs an explanation of my clothing. I was wearing a pair of sweats, a bra, a thermal shirt, and then a flannel shirt on top of the thermal. I was laying in bed thinking how lovely a nap sounded and I realized my bra was digging into my side. I did not have the energy to get out of bed and take off the layers to get to the bra so then I started looking on my bedside shelf for a cutting implement. It seemed so logical to me to just cut the bra off. I am so glad I didn’t find anything!

Tomorrow is Saturday, so now we start the upswing. 🙂

I can now officially and out loud say, one more week of employment.

I appreciate how many people encourage me at the down times. It really does help. Don’t stop, even if I get to sick to appreciate it.


Hello my friend, hello.

I will occasionally type a word into google and then do an image search. Today I typed in “Anxiety”. I thought the images that were returned were really interesting. Anxiety looks like different things to different people.

For today I chose this one:



I had a good long weekend with my daughter. We enjoyed the no pressure’ness of it. Now I am unfortunately back to the reality of this week. Not that I ever really escape the reality of all of it. Little things all weekend were always reminding me.  Shopping all day on Saturday made me fingers and hands hurt so very much. My daughter was lovely with helping me do important things that I couldn’t face, like opening the wine. 🙂

I have been extra tired the last couple of weeks, probably from the medicine dosage experimentation, but then the last week or so I’ve had a new and worrisome issue. I have developed night sweats. Now, this is a thing with cancer. It’s actually one of the early symptoms. But what does it mean that it’s starting now? Does that mean my tumors are suddenly growing? Have I developed new tumors? I really hate that I go to a negative thought about it. I think if I wasn’t so tired I would be better at the positive.

This is also of course chemo week. So I have to start with the getting ready for that.

I think I will stop typing now. My moroseness is even bringing me down AND IT HURTS MY FINGERS!  SUCK!