Nope – nothing to put here.

My laugh for the day has been hearing one Doctors office complain about hold times and communication problems at the other Doctors office .

I have gotten so terribly sick from the CT Scan yesterday. I don’t know if it was the IV contrast or the RediCat but once everything hit my already very angry intestines last night it became quite an issue. Terrible. I woke up this morning so dehydrated, dry mouth, headache. I was going to mow the grass today but it’s hot and humid and – I swear I try to do this as little as possible – I think I have to play the sickness card on this one and just not today. If I can get to the leave the house point today I will pack myself up and go to a park for the afternoon.

I had a dream and in the dream I was panicking about something. Running around trying to get help and take care of a problem so I woke up in a panic and then continued to panic about everything. I panicked because I slept so late, I panicked because I was so dehydrated, I panicked because I had a headache, I panicked because I had to skip my pills last night..and that’s when it hit me. Two of those pills bring my blood pressure down – so I popped a blood pressure pill and sat back and relaxed for twenty minutes, and lo and behold no more panic.

If you find yourself getting that anxiety feeling for no apparent reason you may want to have your blood pressure checked. If you’re living with elevated blood pressure it mimics the feeling of anxiety.

My cat is currently stalking under the recliner. I’m not sure I want to see what’s going to come out.

I am scheduled to have lunch with my ex-coworkers and boss who is in from Sweden tomorrow. That should be fun! I think I will ask the waiter to take our picture.

I am actually typing this to stall and distract myself. What I do at the start of the day usually controls what I do for the rest of the day and today I need to change my pattern. Usually I hop on the treadmill after I’ve been up for about 60 minutes and then shower. I am NOT getting on the treadmill. I am 100% sure that would be a bad idea today.

Oh – and I still LOVE my FitBit Charge HR!

Let’s have some random pictures.

corey hand

This angle gives you a nice view of my port tube sticking up my neck!

corey squished


Edit~ or maybe I will just lay here watching TV because I also didn’t take the meds for my Vestibular migraines/ Menieres which apparently worked even better than I suspected. Watching the Rom rock like it’s a boat until they kick in.  Definitely lesson learned.




Saturday May 24, 2015

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. 73F and not a cloud in the sky. We went wandering around Lake Erie just checking place outs and then moving on. Most of these pictures were already uploaded to Facebook.


First Stop – Catawba Island State Park which turned out to be a small strip of grass with a picnic table, and a swing set set amidst a giant parking lot but across the driveway was a public dock. Everyone likes a free place to put the boat in!


Next on the list was MarbleHead Lighthouse from which you can see Cedar Point. I just sat in one spot taking pictures because it was just so perfect.


IMG_20150523_135643590 IMG_20150523_140023828 IMG_20150523_140511420_HDR


Then off to explore Port Clinton and the world famous Walleye Festival! It was a giant Carnival! Smelled so good. But I didn’t realize I didn’t actually take any pictures of the carnival.


I just don’t get the fountain. I think I looked it up once and it symbolizes something. But it’s just so damn ugly!


Then back to Toledo riverside for dinner. We had mexican food that was entirely too spicy for my sensitive system but I was STARVING! We walked  the riverfront and saw baby geese.

IMG_20150523_175636311 IMG_20150523_175648277

IMG_20150523_175655230_HDR IMG_20150523_180110361

And a swallow that I could not get a good picture of.


We got home and Corey asked if I wanted to go to the Grocery Store! So we did.  I actually ended the day with over 16,000 steps

Finishing off the night with the very rare beer. I think it’s been many many months since I had a beer. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to put my shoes on today!


Ozzie writes the songs that tell my story

It’s my crazy time. A couple of things have the ability to set off anxiety in my head and we’re on the cusp of one right now. Sometime next week I will have the first CT Scan since starting the Clinical Trial. This first one should tell us if the medicine is going to work for me, at all. The thought of finding out the last resort type of treatment is working is a little panic inducing. Not that there aren’t other options, there are old standby chemo’s that will probably at least slow things down and they are more clinical trials to try. But this is definitely my best hope, and the least side effects.

Speaking of side effects this neuropathy thing is starting to really piss me off! When I exercise my finger tips get HOT and start hurting bad. Not nice! I am finally making leaps and bounds in my stamina and strength. I have actual muscle again on my arms and I can walk more than 50 feet without getting dizzy. I am getting frustrated with the setbacks.

Missed yoga again this morning. It’s starting in three minutes. Mornings are just too iffy for me.

It was an amazingly beautiful day yesterday. I had a fun lunch with my sister and a Pre-Opening of a restaurant. So free lunch! Yay!

Then I ended up going to the park and I walked for three miles! It was just such a beautiful day that I couldn’t stop walking.  I am planning another park walk this afternoon. I really enjoy the solitude.

I am pretty sure I opened my computer to say something very important…I have no idea what it was.



You’re fired from the sympathy receiving group!

Over the last few years I have talked about finding a support group. This last six months I have visited two different ones. Not quite what I was looking for. My friend the lovely Nina mentioned that she was visiting a group on FaceBook that she found very helpful so the other day I went a’looking.  I joined three hoping at least one of them would suit me. So far my favorite in terms of helpfulness and interaction is ChemoChat.

In one of the groups someone joined and introduced herself. She had just recently been diagnosed. She said something that I totally connected to. She said she felt guilty because she didn’t look or act sick enough. I understand that. Sometimes I actually worry that I am looking and acting so healthy that people will stop thinking I need them or their help and it’s just not true. I am just getting so good at managing the diseases and their symptoms and the treatment and it’s effects that when I need to be strong and active, I can be. As long as I have some advance warning and it doesn’t last for too long. Luckily I have so few responsibilities in my life now I can use my good hours to do things that will help me get even stronger.

Isn’t it strange the way our minds work?

I have also endeavored to no longer use the write click on a misspelled word in my browser and I correct it using my brain now! I swear I am getting dumber as time goes on.