Goals and Poles

I was thinking this morning about peer pressure. Good and bad and how it relates to the gym life. It actually started with thinking about politics, and how I sleepy I was, and then about goals.

My flexible goal for myself fitness’wise is to workout in some fashion four times a week – because that’s a majority of days- and to hit my FitBit goals every day. -12,000 steps, 10 flights of stairs and 30 active minutes.  I give myself flexibility not because I am weak and look for an easy out but because I have learned that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone and I need to be able to listen to my own body and disease.

At the gym there is a Facebook group or two and tons of encouragement. One of the things the lovely owner Lindsey does is encourage people to post their weekly goals and to then be accountable. I am fascinated by the peer mentality when she does this!

Wait – gotta go change clothes so I can work out.

See, there you go. Excellent example. All dressed to go work out and my sad chemo’d body has other ideas. Two sick to go. Guess it will be a treadmill day, and a three workout week for me. Annoying. I do not like not having a choice.

So, as I was saying it is very interesting to watch people on the group as they start listing their goals. You will see friends start having matching goals. It adds such a great element of support, and it  becomes a peer pressure situation because you want to do what your friends are doing!

I have noticed lately that people are getting more comfortable publicly supporting Trump and his craziness as well. I think it is the same thing. Or maybe when it is something like that it should be labeled mob mentality.

Alrighty, one more round of drugs then maybe the Treadmill.


Bra Talk! Yeah, you heard me correctly.

Many many years ago I picked up a couple of bras because they were different and they were on sale. I didn’t know it then but I was picking up a little bit of heaven. I love my bras. They are called bandini’s and when I bought them they were advertised as great for layering under tanks and see through type shirts, summery fun, and they came in fun colors. They turned into the worlds best sports bra for me. I am a small person, all over, and don’t need a lot of heavy construction and these were cotton too so no irritation. AND even through I wear them so frequently they are still in excellent shape. I’ve never seen them in a store since. Until today!

Went into Pennys with my husband and Look!!!

I wanted to squeal like a little girl when I saw these.
I wanted to squeal like a little girl when I saw these.

And they were on sale!  Buy one, get one half off. Now they advertise them as sports bras so I guess I wasn’t the only one. I also picked up another fun looking sports bra for $7.00 on the clearance rack , which I cut a small hole in taking off the tags. 🙁 . A good impulse buy day. 🙂

I haven’t heard from any doctor about any of the tests they did during the broncoscopy. Not a big surprise there. My followup appointment isn’t until March 14. I think I will call my Oncologist tomorrow and ask if he’ll look in my record and see if he sees anything. I have also been fighting a cold on and off all week. Stupid germs.

A long time ago when I only took one pill a day, that pill was for my blood pressure. I have been on Beta Blockers for my High Blood pressure since I was in my 30’s. I probably should have been on it since my 20’s but you know how that goes. I was always so careful about what other drugs I took with my meds. The biggest thing I had to give up was allergy and cold medicine that actually works. Now that I am on a gazillion pills a day plus two chemo drugs intravenously every three weeks I just don’t give a shit anymore. This has led to my absolute love of DayQuil and NightQuil. OMG! That is some seriously good stuff.  You pop a couple of DayQuil and it drops your symptoms by at least 90%.

That’s all the excitement fit to write about. 🙂


And the walls come tumbling down

I don’t know for sure but I my body just hit it’s limit this week. I came home from chemo yesterday and it felt like I was getting a cold. I crawled into bed and did not get out until 2pm today. It was so hard to even get up and get water, I was just totally drained. Still am,but I am up and have eaten now. Hopefully I will get a good night sleep, get up bright and early, shower and be up and going in time for a nice workout tomorrow!

When I was at chemo yesterday a little face popped over the divider between chairs and  a familiar voice spoke to me. I did not recognize her until she told me she was our ex mail lady. This beautiful young woman that the males in my family had crushes on and the only person the beagle would run to the fence to say hi to. Here she was, still beautiful with a bright pink hat but missing her hair and surrounded by warm blankets. I can’t tell you the amount of sadness it brought me.  She was diagosed stage IIII lymphoma in December. Terrible, just terrible. I want to hug her and take care of her until she is better. I gave her my contact info so hopefully she will say hey and let me know how I can keep track of her, knowing her actual name would be a good start.

The other day I was thinking how crazy it is that I haven’t been sicker. Most people with long term cancer have all sorts of stories that always involve emergency rooms and hospital stays. None for me!

So in honor of the most irish looking mail lassie I have ever met, a beagle picture.



Just another Wednesday of Joy

I had a really nice time on Wednesday afternoon with my daughter. We went to the Toledo Museum of Art. The museum is really very nice, I would think especially for a city our size. If you didn’t spend too much time staring you can easily make it through in 3 hours. She lives about four blocks from the museum and hasn’t been there since she was in elementary school!

I am sure most of these are facebook repeats – sorry.


IMG_0511 IMG_0512 IMG_0514 IMG_0503 IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0506 IMG_0509 IMG_0510

OOPS! I have no idea why some of them are sideways, but that’s how I am leaving them. 🙂

I saw my oncologist on Wednesday morning and he said my CT scan – the one that I was having trouble reading – looked very good. Everything shrinking nicely. I forgot to get a copy of the report. I did however get a copy of the initial report that my pulmonologist sent to him and the first paragraph made me smile; “Dear Dr. Kasunic I had the pleasure of seeing your patient Tracy Murray toda as a new patient consultation in the pulmonary clinic. She was referred here to evaluate for potential lunge infection. This is an extremely pleasant 51 year old female with extensive medical history.  Maybe that’s doctor code for something, but I will take it. 🙂

Now we just wait for all the results from the specimens collected during the bronchoscopy.