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This is my list of workouts in June.



This is my list of workouts in July! YAY! Finally back on the upswing.


This was breakfast the other morning. Leftover stew with toast and horseradish and a pile of baby spinach. Fresh spinach is one of the few leafy things I can eat (in moderation) so when I remember I add it to random things.

I am supposed to be on vacation in Canada this week but my husbands schedule got changed at the last minute. Because of that I skipped a chemo so I am feeling extra good this week and It may be the reason my burn finally starting healing quickly!! I also upped my game and started going to a few earlier workouts which are just plain old HARD.


I  babble. The trigger for me babbling is if I think someone has misunderstood or misconstrued something I have said. Even if it’s the tiniest thing, it makes me start trying to clarify or explain. And off I go onto long drawn out explanations. Terrible habit.

Todays big plans: Shower – skipping my morning treadmill. Letting my hips have a little break – then off to the doctor. Then home for breakfast/lunch. Then maybe off to the Botanical gardens to get some steps in and catch some Pokemon – then home. Then off to meet some friends for Dinner & a Movie. I accidentally invited myself. :0 Two friends were talking about their dinner plans for tonight and I said “Oh! I want to go” assuming it was a work dinner because they were talking about work too. Imagine my surprise when they said OK! Then I said – OK! I may start doing that more often.

Okay – we’re all caught up again.



I love me some Internet

I am still amazed by the difference n our lives the internet has made. Information is just a tap away.

I am trying my hand at updating a wooden breakfast tray. I was curious about what kind of wood it was so I did a quick google. I still don’t know what type of wood it is because I googled at 10 o’clock last night while the tray was in the garage and I was in bed. I do not enjoy the process of refinishing. I just don’t have the patience. I mean, it’s a tiny little tray and it’s going to take at least a couple of more days to finish because of drying time and such. Whereas if I wanted to just paint it, I would have my tablet on it right now as I type.

On Big Brother this season there was an issue with one of the men upsetting one of them women by slapping her on the butt. This sent me off on an internal tangent. Back in the day we had Good Ol’ Boys. They were the men who called you darlin’ and thought it was cute. They hunted and watched sports and their women took care of things. They made sexist jokes and they banded together to protect each other.

We still have these people and now they are mostly creepy. Old men who just give you the heebie jeebies, but we also have a new breed. We have the group of men who are no longer young and who because of their age and race rule the world. They are friends to women. They protect women and let every woman they know be aware that they would protect them. Not realizing what they are really saying is, you’re not good enough. You need me to protect you. I am not saying it’s wrong to protect those that need it, I am saying it’s wrong to bring it up for no reason other than to make yourself feel tough. Women know what’s out there, and you  bringing it up just let’s us know that you’re thinking about it. Ewwww.

It’s the same difference between saying someone looks nice today, and saying those pants look very good on you, as you walk away. One is a general notation and the other is a way of saying – I am looking at your ass.

Speaking of Ass. The Big Brother situation. Frank is the name of the guy. Frank thinks he is a nice man. Maybe he is, I don’t know. Frank bonds with women and makes them his friends. Frank protects these women. Frank slapped one of them on the ass as she walked away. And then was shocked and appalled that he upset her. He was just slapping her like he would a guy! Oh? Really? No. There is no ass slapping among men except during sports games and usually not even then. They slap on the shoulders. But with women, it’s the ass. It’s about power. Whether Frank realizes it or not, he was saying, I do this, because I can.

If you’ve experienced this you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t then you are just rolling your eyes right now. Whatever. Lucky you.

Okay – got that done. It’s been sitting in my drafts folder since last week!

Enjoy your week! Do something brave.



Nothing important – just catching up.

There should be a name for when I wake up after drinking only chamomile tea the night before, with a hangover. My head is heavy, my eyes are itchy, my stomach is tender. It will pass in a couple of hours. But, there is no simple name. I really did not sleep very well AT ALL! Two nights in a row. I hope it’s not the start of an insomnia thing. I may dope myself up tonight just in case.

This week is all about the Pokemon and working out. I am obsessed and I admit it unapologetically. I am also finally, really, getting stronger. I am breathing better, I am adding some muscle back. I want to work out the next two nights because I have plans on Thursday night  (I invited my sister and family over for dinner – how quaint) and there is no night workout on Friday. I am going out of town next week so won’t do that kind of workout so I want to get it in this week. In my head everything I do is a Lindsay psych-up. Lindsay is the owner of the gym and leads the majority of the classes during the day. I really want to switch to Lindsay classes. The time is better, I could do 10 am on the good days, or 4pm on the bad. And it will send me over that fitness edge where I need to be. Push, Push, Push. I believe the reason I am where I am is because I push, push, push. I just keep trying!

I have gotten so many extra steps because of Pokemon! It’s ridiculous.


They should have more stops in parks to get the kids out. I have walked the Zoo, Swan Creek MetroPark and Wildwood MetroPark as well as downtown Toledo I will be DownTown again today, and maybe the zoo tomorrow. Or maybe not. Oncologist appointment tomorrow, Chemo Friday. I might skip chemo so I am feeling extra good for my out of townness next week.

Small bit of gross. This is my burn. It is just a burn from a cookie sheet. My skin is so thin that it immediately ripped off leaving a big open wound. I also heal at the speed of a snail run. I know I am going to end up with a big ugly scar. I don’t mind scars but I don’t like the placement of this one.

I tried not to make this too focused or detailed for you sensit
I tried not to make this too focused or detailed for you sensit




Okay – You’re all caught up! Get out and play now.



Nina- don’t read this

My daughter and I had such a wonderful day with Mary Beth and all her assorted family, husband, Sons,Brother. It was amazingly relaxing.

I am feeling so much stronger. I appreciate every single mnute of it.

My toe has been hurting the last couple of days. I am prone to ingrown toenails but things also just feel odd now with the neuropathy. This morning I reached down and touched my toe where it hurts and disgustingly gross pus came oozing out! One would think with all the antibiotics I am on that infection is out of the question. Speaking of which, infectious disease dr day today.

I think that is all the news we need for today. 🙂