1. About a week and half ago I ate something ii shouldn’t have. My intestines eecame a burning horrible mass of inflammation.

2. Haven’t been able to ear much real food since then. Everything makes me sick.

3. Getting very tired

4. Covered in bruises

5. When the dog touches my arms, I bleed.

6. Having trouble catching my breath and steadying my heartrate.

Doh……..See #2!   What a difference nutrition makes for me.  Today is all about the IRON




Sleep perchance to dream

SURPRISE! Dreamed about a puppy. This was a sweet little bear face puppy. We had a dog named Max and she had that little brown bear face. Adorable. I resent Corey not getting the puppy he wants when he wants it. He’s a simple guy with few needs or wants and when he wants something he deserves to have it. I want everything so I am okay with missing out on a few things. If you only want one thing? Well there you go.

I ran my full mile instead of freaking out at 9/10’s. It’s because I was angry. I m still freaked out though. :(. We are doing a full CT Scan in a couple of weeks. We haven’t done that in a very long time, we’ve only been watching my lungs. That will relieve some worry. There is always that niggling fear that while we’re watching my lungs  and celebrating the shrinking tumors there is a nasty mass growing somewhere that we’re not watching. It is exhausting being ever vigilant.

I ate something I shouldn’t have the other day so my intestines have gone into full inflammation, you better only have liquids, mode. On top of that my Perjeta side effect of the stinging itch has gone crazy the last couple of weeks and the neuropathy in my hands is extreme. Driving has become quite a challenge because the steering wheel is just causing a lot of pain. It’s really been a stressful couple of weeks healthwise. I have been sick for so long I don’t think anyone really hears me anymore. I need to find more people to whine at.

I think I am just feeling extra sorry for myself lately. Fall must be coming. I love fall but it always seems to bring a lot of high emotions for me.

Time to get out of bed!

Let’s find a picture on our phone to finish with.


It’s not like a surprise that’s it’s Frank is it?






Shout it till they listen

I may double post this because it is important.

I have Cervical Cancer. I was never ashamed or hesitant to say it was Cervical Cancer.

When I was first diagnosed I had no idea there was such a negative connotation to cervical cancer because of HPV*. I am in many online support groups and forums and about once a month someone asks whether there is cervical cancer without HPV and me and a dozen other people answer that we are HPV negative but do have cervical cancer and then all hell breaks loose. People get very defensive and often I am told that I probably do have HPV but it was dormant when tested. Even my own Oncologist did follow up tests because HPV is so prevalent that I would have been easier to treat had I HPV in my system. The statistics I read are that 99% of Cervical Cancers are from HPV.

You probably think I am going to rant about the vaccine now I am not. There are enough television commercials for that.

This is what I want you to remember;

Many sexually active women and men will contract HPV at some point in their lifetime. Most will never even know it. Usually, this virus does not cause any symptoms and doesn’t cause disease. Often, the body can clear HPV infection on its own within two years or less.

The percent of sexually active adults who will NOT contract HPV is less than those who will. It is time to stop being defensive and ashamed, People have sex! Most people have more than one partner. Hell, most people these days have more than one spouse in their lifetime! It is a virus and it is so easy to contract and spread. It is like the freaking flu.

The average age of diagnosis for cervical cancer is 47.  How many women are divorced by 47. A LOT!

Honestly what I really want to say when the women start the defensive bickering is grow up!!



*I had one person in my life who commented on how much better it was that I didn’t have HPV. They meant it as a social comment, not a health one. If I had HPV I would have had a much easier go of it most likely because the Cervical Cancer treatments would have worked and we would have been done with this in round one instead of having to wait till I hit stage 4 to find an effective treatment.



Oh Shoot! Forgot a title!

Pro-Sports protests during the National Anthem and people who are wrong.

I have of course started seeing those posts again, “If then don’t like it, they should move out of the country”.  They are the only posts that I see regularly that make me angry and tempted to respond. I may have to see how many people I can get to unfriend me if this keeps up. Especially when these posts come from women. SHAME ON YOU! I would much rather have them in my country then someone who posts and thinks such ridiculous things. Perhaps a middle-eastern or communist country where protest and free thought is actively discouraged would be more to your liking. I will donate to your gofundme page if you should decide to leave.

Silent, non-violent protest is how the women in the United States of America gained a voice. If it was not for the leaders of movements who protested by themselves, risking so much we would be a country filled with slaves, and women treated as chattel.  When someone risks losing something important in order to make a bigger social point you should just shut up, or applaud their bravery.

Okay, thanks. I feel better.

On a more pawesome note. My husband has decided that he really wants a puppy. He wants a companion animal, and I fully support him and will do everything I can to help acquire and then train this little bundle of stink and drool.  Corey picked up a virus in Mexico so I spent the afternoon on the couch browsing the internet for puppies while he shivered under a blanket. Here was my view;




He and Katy went and visited a shelter. They are heartier souls than me. I will not be a part of the physical selection process because if I touch a puppy or a kitten, it is mine and it is coming home with me. Period.