The whole photo wouldn’t fit on Instagram so I am posting here. This is the bone scan I had today. I don’t see anything startling, but I like that you can see my broken toe-sort of- on this one. My toe that I smacked walking into the office today.

My hips are all out of whack again.

Also saw my CT scan.  Didn’t see anything startling but I only look at my lungs. I could have an alien growing in my abdomen and probably wouldn’t know.   🙂



Just a little catch-up

You know  – I am still fighting off that damn cold! Can that be? I wake up every morning thinking I am sick. It never gets much worse and never goes away! A little bit of coughing, a little bit of sniffling, a little blahness. Maybe this year of antibiotics is helping? We’re on the final countdown with those antibiotics! I few more months. CT scan in a week and hopefully it’s all clear. This starts the round of medical tests for me. In the next few weeks – Echo (today) Full CT, Bone Scan, Mammogram, Colonoscopy. Every inch of me scanned and exposed except my brain and my feet.  The two things that need it the most. My plantar fascitus is really acting up this week. Have I done anything to help it? No. I also think I unwrapped my cracked toe to early, it’s really starting to hurt again.  There you go, my list of physical complaints.

Christmas was spectacularly low key. The ONLY thing we did was a family dinner at my house. We did not exchange presents this year. That’s right! We finally made the last cut. We did a voluntary gift exchange which ended up including only four people. I got fudge! And I bought one small gift for my sister. Do you know what this did for our family – STRESS DROP! I really enjoyed planning and making dinner. Every single thing I made was something I have never made before. We had success and failures.

Facebook keeps trying to make me friend my oncologist. 🙂

So, a quick conversation about alternative medicine. I have been experimenting with a legally ambiguous in Ohio type of alternative therapy for chemo side effects. I was given, as a gift ,an edible version of this treatment and have been having it in therapeutic (non-recreational) doses every night. I am both happy and sad to say it has been amazingly helpful and the effects seem to be cumulative! I am sleeping so much better and my sleep breaking side effect of the itchy painful arms is so very much better when I sleep. I am sad about this because it means that all the stories are true and we are just keeping this from people out of misplaced morality. This will be available legally in Ohio next year but I cannot imagine how much it will cost me. I am pretty sure we aren’t at the point where insurance will pay fro it. 🙂

Oh – I do not think this treatment is good for my vestibular disorder. I have been having more problems with that but I am balancing (hahaha – no pun intended) the effects and hoping they even out as time goes on.

I may buy myself a Christmas present of a new workout outfit. And new brakes. O

h, and I got in a small accident on the 23rd so I will also be getting a new bumper and the joys of a rental car for a few days.

Allright little blog, you are all caught up on my life.



A gift from my daughter

You know, I felt funny for the last two days. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Until this morning when I realized my throat felt like there was poison running down it.   Eyes watery, lips dry.

Ah….the seasonal cold. I will try to get everything done today in case it hits hard tomorrow. Luckily my life is so simplified that it is okay. No stress. I have one gift to buy today and then shopping for Christmas dinner.

Bonus, I have dinner and lunch  plans so  I can spread it a little farther.



I am obsessessed with time

It is like a horseman of the apocalypse for me. Always coming at me and the closer it gets the more dark and looming it is.

Because I have a disease that has so much research there are tons of statistics about how long I should live. I know that I am one of the lucky ones, I have consistently been part of the small percentage that skew the statistics. I also know that as time goes on my statistics get scarier. Some day, maybe next week, maybe in twenty years, my medicines will stop working because my cancer will figure out a way to mutate and start growing.

I get angry at people who waste time.