Back in 2011 the week that I was first diagnosed with cancer I was also told I needed a hearing aid, and my dog died.


The week in 2014 that I was told my cancer was back and now stage 4 another of our dogs died.

The fact that our sweet timid Jesse died this weekend made Mondays mammogram a little anxiety inducing. I went back for a followup on the last mammogram two weeks ago. They said there was a problem with the images of my dense tissue on my left breast. This did not surprise me because she had trouble working around my port. On monday I went in for  the followup and she did a lot of images of the left and then said “Alright let us see if we can get some better pictures of those spots on the right” Uh…..what spots? Apparently someone forgot to mention that they found a cluster of spots in my right breast very close to the chest wall. Took more pictures  and the Dr labeled them as probable benign calcifications. Back in six months. I am really a little nervous about seeing my Infectious Disease doctor on Thursday.  Hopefully nothing new there!

My daughter and I are going away for an overnight on Saturday. Looking forward to spending time with her. I am so lucky that I love her so much.



Mid-afternoon T time

I really don’t know what is the matter with me sometimes. It’s this whole cancer thing. Not that I have cancer, but that I don’t get anything out of it! People are always talking about all the swag they get! They get all this free stuff and free services and people doing shit for them while I am getting critiqued on how I do things for other people.

And then I remember how wonderful people are to me. I have amazing things done for me by people who expect nothing in return. Nothing. If I went on Facebook right now and said I was too sick to be able to feed myself I bet I would have dinner in moments. Luckily, I am not that sick, just pathetically whiny for some reason! I really hope it is just the lack of sunshine that is sucking the joy off my lollipop. I am sleeping either four bad hours a night or ten solid hours.  Feast or famine.

Do you think less of me when I tell you about my bitter envious side?

Is this just a weird bloggyness?

Nothing a little sugar cookie and a workout won’t fix.


And the results are in!

Need more tests.

Annoying but not completely unexpected. In the last four weeks I have had my full body CT scan, am echo cardiogram, a bone scan, a colonoscopy and a 3d mammogram.

Most things looked good or at least with only known problems except for the CT and now the mammogram. The CT showed one spot that grew. It was small and the growth was small so we are doing the one thing I hate doing, waiting. I will have another CT in eight weeks to see if it’s actually growing and if we can figure out what “it” is. There are so many things going on in my lungs that everytime we see something it becomes chaos. Also received a call that my fancy mammogram needs a follow-up. Not a big shock, I have dense tissue and also the port got in the way so the view on one side was not the same as the other. Ultrasound if needed. Rather just get the ultrasound. I don’t want you guys to get bored with my standard diseases so I like to shake it up once in awhile.

Today…Run….Maybe vet for dog nail trims…. Dinner with my sister or go workout.

Let’s end with a picture