Nothing Important

I have been so low energy for so many months that the days I have ambition are pure celebration. Yay!

Today was my morning CT Scan so I got up at early so I could drink my Berry Barium at 7am. Then CT scan at 10 and back home for breakfast. The Redi-Cat works like a surgical prep cleanse on me these days so ooopf the sounds coming out o me now! Yogurt, granola and toast with a lovely cup of coffee and hopefully in an hour or so I will be right as rain. I did not get a copy of my CT Scan this time. I just cannot worry about it. I will see what the Doctor says next week, and worry about it then, if I need to.

The puppy at 7 1/2 months old has graduated to staying by herself in the condo for a couple of hours without being crated. It has opened my world back up! I cannot tell you how much I hated locking her in her kennel so I could go somewhere, so I just stopped going somewheres. I also bought a gate for our doorway so at night she is gated into the bedroom area with us but not locked into her kennel. Though she does sleep in it. She is a sweet gentle, low energy puppy now. She likes to sleep, and she likes to cuddle.

I have a gazillion different projects I would like to start, a few books I am reading or want to read, at least thirty series or movies I need to watch on Amazon (Judith Light & Gaby Hoffman are amazing in Transparent) and Netflix and I just do not have enough hours in my day. It is going to be even worse as the weather gets even warmer because I will not be staying inside.

I am missing people. My connections with people have drifted apart. 🙁





we need a name  for this February thaw we are getting. Oh, I guess February thaw is a good name!

I have just been rolling along through life lately. Allowing each morning to determine my flow for the day instead of having a plan.  I am pretty low energy this winter. (OMG a commercial just used the sound effect of a vibrating phone in the background of their commercial- very confusing for a moment) I really hope this isn’t my new normal. My body is just worn out. Between my bad hips and lungs and 18 months on these chemo mess I think I finally really hit that fatigue everyone talks about. I do not like it

Next week is my follow up CT, as opposed to my normal quarterly CT, to find out if the blip is a real thing or just a bad angle. I am nervous. I do not want to start that whole chaos all over again. Biopsy, lung collapse, recovery, and decisions. My treatments are the one thing that I would prefer never change.

When I go to sleep I must only have a sheet on me or it is too hot. The second I wake up I pile on all the blankets.

i say publicly I Love my iPad mini. You were right Corey

I love this picture of Frank

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