Yesterday’s Anniversary

Yesterday marks the two year anniversary of the day we got back the PET Scan showing no active cancer in my lungs.

It is another one of those celebrate with caution anniversaries. I am so grateful for having this time, I could never put into words. As I watch people around me not have the same results it makes me treasure and enjoy every single day that I wake up in my own bed with no greater worry than trying to decide whether to take the dog to the park or go play in the backyard. I do not ever want to forget. On the other hand, the average time someone is on the drugs I am on before they stop working is Two Years. My doctor talks now about the next medicine we will use when the cancer starts growing again. Not if, but when. It is humbling and surreal.

My lungs two years and one day ago. 🙂

Nope – No cancer here

Never Give Up – But Never Forget.


Just a clarification

Had a conversation yesterday that I thought was a good point to share. People have said more than once about buying organics that is isn’t necessary because we grew up eating this food and we are okay.

So first, we are not okay. The rates of disease in this country have never been higher. Don’t believe me? Come sit at the chemo center for a week and see how many people you run into that you know.

The other fallacy is that this is the same food you were eating 30 or 40 years ago. It is not. Look at old pictures of chickens and then look at a picture of a chicken about to be “processed” by a manufacturer.

They are completely different. Our foods have now gone through decades of change from chemicals. Not just the ones that are now part of our day to day life through the air we breathe but from the massive amount of chemicals we add to our livestock to make them more profitable and grow our food in to make it disease and pest resistant.

We did not have to label the food as Organic, because the organic food was just food. Eating organics is simply making the choice to eat food that is closer to it’s original state.



Have I ever told you how much I love my Bluetooth keyboard?


I bought it with a case for my kindle for $9.00. It is the same size as my iPAD. It has a metal back so it attaches to my  magnetized case for my iPad. I did not like the kindle case, it was huge. But I beat the heck out of this keyboard. It weighs nothing and I toss it around at will. It recharges via USB and one charge seems to last me months! It also works on my phone.

The only thing that is weird is that a couple of keys are in different places than standard keyboards to I make weird typo’s.

Lots and Lots of stuff to do today!


How do we achieve the freedom to change?

The other day I was pondering big lifestyle changes and the people who do or do not do them. I am not talking about people like me who have spent a decade making small changes and working my way up to this, I am talking about people who go from one life to another overnight – ish. In my tiny little bit of experience people who dive into a complete change to a crazy healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and attitude are usually successful confident people. So why?

Here is what I think. I believe that these people are natural risk takers. They are accustomed to making a decision, setting a goal, and assuming it will succeed. I am not saying they always succeed but they believe through sheer force of will they will get what they want. The rest of us are used to having to compromise. We know that if we wake up one day and decide from now on we will work out every day and only eat healthy it is a lot of juggling. We need to join gyms and yoga studios and figure out how we are going to feed our families while we are feeding ourselves completely different meals. We need to carve out many many hours of our week to do these things. And then if we fail, if after six weeks we realize we have spent a lot of money on healthy food and membership fees and workout clothes and are sitting in front of the tv munching Doritos we are failures. So we don’t. We make our tiny little changes and hope they help. That is what I did. I made tiny little changes. Some stuck, some didn’t. But I keep trying.

I wonder if all of us had the freedom, financial and responsibility, what we would do? If we had all of the support that wealthy successful people had would we be healthier and stronger?

I am not done with this topic. There is another side to it for people facing terrible diseases. Why do some people do everything they need to do to get better, and some do not.