They aren’t going to throw you a cancer shower though

No actual nutrition in this one, but more about mind & cancer.

I have a friend with cancer – who am I kidding, I have so many friends with cancer! Oh, well that is not true either. I know a lot of people with cancer! There we go.

Anyway – so today I was emailing with one and had an epiphany.

For most people, I would never presume to speak for all, but for most thinking people, once you have cancer, you have it for life. It is always in your thoughts somewhere. Some days it is closer to your forehead, some days the thought it was far back in your mind. Some days it’s shooting the word cancer out of your eyeballs like the Bat Signal.

Once you have been diagnosed, regardless of what happens next you will be changed. You cannot, not think of cancer.

So, my friend today was a male. And it suddenly occurred to me that he was experiencing something that could be related to something else.

Pregnancy!  From the moment I found out I was pregnant it was always in my thoughts. I had nine months or so of constant thought about being pregnant, about that small little being growing inside of me. I could not, not be thinking about it.

So for any guys out there who are fathers, and who get cancer, you now know why your wife always seemed so distracted when she was pregnant. Why suddenly you always came second. She had no choice.

And for any of you women out there who may have a man in your life who is dealing with cancer, you can hopefully understand how he is feeling.

OR all of this is just the way things were for me and doesn’t apply to anybody else!


Just chit chat

On Friday I completed my final exam and passed (barely) so now I am officially a certified Holistic Nutritionist. I ordered some used books about nutrition and cancer so I can begin real specializing of my thinking.

i spent some time thinking what I need to make me feel like the money and the effort were worth it and I think honestly if I can help just one person be healthier and maybe either recover or protect themselves from cancer it will be 100% worth it.

I have already started contacting one group that offers services to cancer patients  and in the next week or two I will contact a few others.

My neighbor texted me yesterday to ask if Dusty ate steak. Oh my goodness didn’t I have a happy dog!

Haven’t  really been working out the last month. Too hot, too many aches and pains. Hopefully I will get back in the habit this month. Started running again to open my lungs back up. Started working immediately. Sigh..

Maybe in all my research I will find a clue to why I have high blood pressure. I have had it for all of my adult life and been on meds since my 30’s. I did just drop my dose down, but diet and exercise will only do so much for me. Okay, there is genetics but, still has to be an underlying cause.

Enough rambling.






Death and Decay

There is half of a baby mole covered with bees in my backyard. 🙁

My brain seems to be in some kind of weird work mode. Which is amazing since I do not have a job. I want to contact someone and say let me take this part over for you. I want to contact someone else and say let me help you with this part. I want to type papers and put things in order. Oh, and I am not crazy, those are actual people I want to contact. People I have been dealing with peripherally and that need a little help whether they know it or not.

X-ray came back normal. I kind of wish it hadn’t. Now I have a hurt finger that isn’t healing and no cause. Ugh. I originally thought it was bursitis. It just feels the same as my hips but on a much smaller scale. I will try immobilizing the knuckle for a few days and see if it helps. Stupid.

Speaking of hips, I gave up and started running again. It is more important to me to do the cardio and keep the scar tissue in my lungs from tightening up than to baby my hips. Especially if it isn’t going to damage my hips. The few times I worked out in the last month were just terrible trying to catch my breath.

I need to make stew to restock my freezer. It is the one thing I make that everyone eats.

I started working with a trainer to resolve an issue I am still having with Dusty. She is still charging when she is on the leash and she wants to get to something, a dog, a person, a bird, a fly. And I need her to not do that anymore. We decided to add clicker training. This morning I accidentally clicker trained the cat. I am positive Frank is smarter than the puppy.

Frank threw his toy off the loft this morning and scared the bejeesus out of the dog and I. I think he was laughing.




Just a little googling

I haven’t really started blogging on Cancer foods and nutrition yet because frankly my brain cannot hold all of the info I am putting in it right now.

So I thought I would do a quick post to remind myself that this is still here.

So tonight I bring you google fun. If you want to know what to eat, just pick your disease and google the images for what you should eat. Even they know.

You can tell yourself you are doing everything you can but the information is out there.


Depression  is on the page because I noticed it showed in the drop down when I was googling.



How about a little diabetes prevention?



The number one killer of Americans right here folks.*


Cancer gets two pictures because you know…..I got that one.




*Top three killers of Americans – Heart Disease, Diabetes & Cancer.  This is not true for all countries. All three diseases are considered largely preventable by diet. Did you know Cancer is now considered a dietary issue? I didn’t until I started researching.