a good day for chamomile tea

I am so cranky I could scream. Actually that’s what I really want to do. Scream at someone. It just occurred to me a few minutes ago that this may be physiological rather than psychological. It feels like my blood pressure is up. For the uninitiated I am currently off of my BP meds.

When your blood pressure goes up it can mimic the symptoms of anxiety. Your heart pounds, your ears ring, your hands get shaky, you get a headache. This can make your brain say, oh! Something is making us angry or scared! And then you start feeling angry or scared even though there is nothing going on. Unpleasant. Or it’s the constant banging and music and people talking from the construction in the office next to us. It’s very loud, and very constant. It will be nice to have neighbors again though!

Frankie the kitten has moved onto the next stage of development and is driving me crazy! He’s not getting enough play time and he’s fighting with me all the time and trying to assert his dominance. At least according to the websites I’ve read. He attacks me and bites me! He actually drew blood last night. But he also spent 10 hours alone in the house. He does not like to be alone. Chemo next week so someone will be home with him for 7 days. He’ll be much happier.



This picture made me laugh when I saw it on my phone. I don’t think you can see it on the blog post but his eye is open and he’s staring at me.


I try to remember that this is how he looks when he’s sleeping. Cuddly and lovely.

Last night I got to go to my nieces marching band concert with my sister. They do all of their football game songs inside of a small gym. It’s really loud and really fun! I am so glad I went.

First I had a lovely and frightfully expensive dinner with my children. Food was so good. When I got home very late I found a big container of chocolate chip cookies. I think they may be some of the best cookies I’ve ever had! My neighbor Robin made them for me. Big and chunky and soft and they smell ridiculously good. She used some vanilla her son brought home from his honeymoon in Mexico and you can really smell it. All in all a perfectly lovely evening.




This was so pretty on Monday night. A really lovely sky.

I think I need a vacation. I believe that there will be a week in Florida coming soon, I need a beach. I want to drive and take my daughter with us. We owe her a vacation. We’ll see. I would like to go back to Cocoa Beach.



4 thoughts on “a good day for chamomile tea

  1. I never thought of physio rather than psycho…..interesting! I have never had a kitten…our were older when we brought them home.

    Sounds like u had a wonderful evening. I remember with fondness my girls in marching band and the indoor show at the end of the season. I usually cried with emotion through them!

  2. That picture is so beautiful. Wow! I guess I should say the sunset picture. Frankie is pretty cute, too.

    We didn’t get Leia until she was a yearish old and with her being an outdoor/indoor cat she was able to relieve a lot aggression outside. I know this bothers people when I say it but she is always more relaxed after a kill.

    Craig gets really irritated when he forgets to take his bp meds. I wonder if there is something that could help relieve that tension. Have you taken your bp, could it be too high?

    How sweet of your neighbor to make you cookies! They sound absolutely delicious.

    I hope you and Frankie have a good night!

    1. Now that I am not taking my BP meds it swings really high & low. It’s definitely a factor in how I feel. When it goes up I get headaches, and then sleepy. Of course when it goes to low I get sleepy too. 🙂 Lots of naps this days.

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