A good day to curl up with a book & a beagle

Had a perfectly lovely long weekend away. On Friday I drove to just outside of Chicago. GPS locked up at an inopportune moment and my sister and I took a little tour of a not particularly nice area. Had lovely pizza for dinner at Mary Beths with a side dish of freshly made chocolate pecan cookies. I envy Mary Beth sometimes. She has a lovely home that is not filled with stuff, she has lovely sons who are funny and smart and of course she has the adorable husband. I’m afraid we all covet him Luckily there are no commandments or anything about your neighbors husband.  I would like my house to look like Mary Beths.

On Saturday we three packed up into the car and drove to Iowa to have lunch with Nina. Nina is looking good. Somethings different that I can’t quite place my finger on. Her personality is a bit different, more focused, and more something…maybe confidence? It was a nice time. Then the drive back to Chicago.

On Sunday my sister and I drove home. The snow chased us the whole way.

This morning I packed up my breakfast and lunch – Protein/yogurt shake, bag of raw nuts, snack of sunflower crackery things, frozen polenta – tossed it into the car and drove to work. Got to work and then spent 15 minutes cleaning up the liquid part of my lunch that leaked all over the floor of my car and everything in the bag.  Silly me. I can’t believe I spent 20 hours in my car over three days but couldn’t make it the six minutes to work.

My husband spent the weekend site-seeing in Paris. Ah-MAZE-ing! He spent hours at the Louvre and took beautiful pictures for me to gawk at. Of course I will instead show you a picture of Corey at the French Train.




Have you ever heard of Lily Dale New York? I had not, until today.


I think it would be fun to visit just for the atmosphere!


4 thoughts on “A good day to curl up with a book & a beagle

  1. Well, good evening!

    🙂 Thank you! Craig works hard to keep the clutter out of here. It bothers him to have too much stuff around. Craig is pretty wonderful! I remember when I was first describing him to one of my sisters-in-law, she was teasing me that he better not be a nerd. Ha ha! Nerds – best husband material!!!

    So I curious – what do you do with frozen polenta? Just heat it up and eat it?

    I have really enjoyed seeing the pictures of Corey’s trip. The Mona Lisa was amazing. I never cared about Paris before but I now understand why people really want to go there.

  2. The polenta is actually a frozen lunch from Amy’s. http://www.amys.com/products/product-detail/light-lean/000802
    It’s a nice light lunch when I’m feeling good. It has Swiss Chard which is only to be eaten on my very best digestive days!
    I love polenta, but only when it’s solid. Not when it is grits that someone threw cheese on. I use to buy the tubes of polenta at Trader Joes and then spray them with Olive Oil (using my Misto) and then fry them. Nummy…….

  3. Oh, that looks yummy. I have never had polenta but I bet I would like it. Actually, I have never had Swiss chard either. Maybe I will try that sometime.

    1. I just noticed I didn’t sign in before I answered. Silly me. Swiss Chard when it’s cooked like that has very little flavor, which is why I like it. 🙂

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