A haunting tale

So about 4am there is a loud band that wakes us up, and then there is clicking. click….click…..click….click….My husband is looking around and I say “maybe it’s ice or rain, hitting the A/C?” Husband says okay and goes back to bed and is asleep in seconds.

Clicking stops….I lay there trying to go back to sleep…..I drift off….


I immediately realize the connection, the furnace has just turned on. Something in our vents is clicking, softly, but audibly.


So then I begin falling asleep and waking every time the furnace cycles. My sleeping mind starts creating all sorts of fun stuff to go with the clicking. I hear voices coming from the vent. I feel my pillow being moved with every click. I hear an animal chewing on my mattress with every click.**

Sleeping like the haunted

Mr. Murray is in there as I type shopvac’ing out the vents. I think tonight I will sleep with ear-plugs in, just in case. I am TIRED.

Friday night was my improv student recital!

Glasscityimprov.com winter 2019 Level 1 class
Chris, Jeremy, Kevin. Sydney, Rachel, Gary, Josh, Elaine, Tracy, Travis, Deke
After we survived our student performance

This is my class. I was amazed at how much less stage fright (panic) hit me! I was able to think and speak and everything! That was my first experience with being on a stage and having people laugh…and I liked it. I had one moment, where I said something, and I paused…and there was dead silence…and then you could hear what I said click in peoples heads and they laughed, loud!  Intoxicating

I have signed up to take the Level 1 class again. I am still really bad at working with partners. I want to work on that so I can be better at listening and responding on the fly.

This is a picture of the level 2 class that performed after us.

Not My Class

After our performance there was a short intermission where I was able to go to the bar and get a nice drink and then sit down and watch the next performance.

I was a few minutes into watching this group when it dawned on me that I knew one of the people. One of these people use to work for me! I will not point them out because there are people who occasionally wander here that also worked with this person and it will make a nice game for others to see if they know anyone.

I am glad I didn’t know, that I knew, anyone there before I stepped on the stage. I think it would have made a huge difference in my nerves. One of things I said to myself before we were announced was, “at least the only people who know me are also on this stage”.

Off for #2 of what is sure to be many doses of caffeine today.

**I may or may not have experimented with alternate medical therapies last night to help with a killer headache I had all day yesterday which may also have screwed with my subconscious 


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