A little bit of this mixed with a little bit of that..


My lunch has millet in it so starting with a canary photo seems appropriate.


I am so completely and totally obsessed over watching my birds that it’s just crazy.

“Canary eggs hatch after about fourteen days, depending on the weather and how well they have been incubated. It is not unusual for the first round to take up to seventeen days to hatch, so be patient”

As cold as it’s been it’ll probably be four weeks before they hatch. It’s funny how many times I’ve gotten pictures that look exactly like the picture above. If she is out of that nest for too long yellow bird comes and hangs out on the side of it and she returns very quickly and pops herself back onto those eggs. I’ve developed a morning routine, just before I leave for work I grab their food and water dishes and give them fresh water, hard-boiled egg, chopped up celery & broccoli. I think both the birds and the dogs have adapted to this as all four of them seem to be waiting for morning treats daily now.

My new alarm clock worked very well except for one minor mishap. I forgot to read how to shut off the damn thing! I must remember to do this tonight.

I have a hair appointment to touch up my naturally tri-colored perfect blend of blonds & browns hair tonight so this was the first day in weeks that I haven’t had to bring two sets of clothes & shoes to work to be able to go workout or yoga after work. I felt so liberated.

I made contact with an old friend on Facebook. We were very close friends in High School. It was so odd to see her face in a picture. She looks so much the same. It was funny to build a life for her based on looking at her photos. I think she is what I would have expected her to be. She has a lovely family, and a lovely life. She seems to be well rounded and tolerant, and she had dogs, and one of them was a beagle.  It was odd. I’ve looked for her over the years and never been able to find her on the internet. I had a problem with having the wrong current last name. Then yesterday the Facebook group for my HS graduating class was talking about all of the people who were gone (yes, that was a terrible conversation) and I found out another friend had been killed a few years ago. This sent me off on another quick search for my beagle owning missing friend and within about 90 seconds of site hopping I found her on Facebook. It was odd how easily I found her suddenly. I’m glad. It kind of closes a circle.

I was reading an article about all of the people who in their fifties and sixties suddenly end up dating their first love from high school and stay together for the rest of their lives and I started wondering if maybe it’s the same for old friends you have fallen out of contact with. I’ve talked before about the fact that I am really am a horrible friend. I’ve just never been able to completely share my life with anyone, so I’m a great friend if you need someone to talk to but eventually it will feel a little one sided and then you’ll push me, and wooosh….end of friendship. It’s definitely a trust issue for me. I think the closest I have had as an adult is my friendship with Mary Beth. (Hi MB!) I have talked/typed much more openly with her than with anyone else, ever. And while I may never volunteer any deep dark thoughts or secrets I think I would feel easy about answering her if she did. It’s a trust thing.  Maybe someday I’ll write out a post of all the things I never talk about and only give the password to her. 🙂  She can keep it safe for me.

Another long rambly mess of a post. I do miss having concise thoughts and the ability to write them!



4 thoughts on “A little bit of this mixed with a little bit of that..

  1. I can’t tell you how honored I am by what you just said. It makes me tear up. I don’t like the title “best friend” because it is so exclusionary but I know I could come to you about anything if I needed to and that makes you a wonderful friend to me. I want you to know that my life is better because you are my friend. I can only hope that I have somehow brought a fraction of that to you.

    Okay that is a little eerie because I have often felt there is more to your story. Sometimes I’ve thought about asking but I knew you had to be ready and I didn’t want to push.

    I hope finding your high school friend is a good experience. If the fit is right those kinds of friendships can be so comforting. Sometimes it is nice to be with someone or talk with someone who knew you back then.

    Enjoy the hair appointment. I love having someone fuss over my hair. I hope it is relaxing and you feel good afterward.

    I am enjoying the birdie pictures and updates. I read one breeder said one of his broods took 27 days. Yikes! I am looking forward to baby birds. 🙂

    1. There really aren’t any grand secrets or anything. There are just things I don’t talk about, you know? I really do think it’s a trust thing for me. I grew up never trusting and then it carried over into early adulthood and I’ve just never gotten over it. But I do trust you. I’ve seen how careful you are with information, and how sensitive you are to other peoples lives and feelings. So there you go. 🙂
      I usually don’t enjoy getting my hair fussed over. I’m just constantly wanting to be done. I do enjoy this new person though. She’s calm and quiet and talks to me just enough. At 27 days I would go crazy thinking the poor little eggs were all unfertilized! They say you can take them out and shine a light through them to find out. I’d be too scared to touch them!

  2. That is what friendship is all about. Meeting people like you was the best thing about Xanga. 🙂

    Really, I love having someone wash my hair and brushing it and all the touching that goes along with cutting it. There are some stylists that make the experience better than others. Are you happy with the end result?

    I did read that you can get a batch of unfertilized eggs. That would be a bummer. Yes, I have read about candling. I would be afraid to touch the eggs also. I guess we will all just have to wait and see.

    1. Yes, she does a very nice job. She never cuts off more than I want, and she actually gives me her opinion when I ask for it. She’s very nice. Sadly, she’s also very expensive!

      Sean looked at me the other day and said, you know this is going to be a huge letdown if those eggs never hatch! 🙂

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