A little bit o’strange

I had a dream that my husband, sister and I were checking into a hotel. We were shown to a room that had enough space to walk in and then it had a twin size bed mattress on the floor with the walls touching the sides of the mattress. Everything was white and the room was tall and narrow, as it would be since it was in the shape and size of a twin sized mattress.

I was completely overcome with unbelievable claustrophobia. I can still feel it just writing that little paragraph. My chest immediately tightens up. Funny how the mind words. There was more, but I won’t bore you.

Nothing much to say today. It’s been a lazy day of sitting on the couch playing on the computer, filling out forms, drinking coffee and tea and watching for bedtime to roll around.




Frankie went to the vet on Saturday for his final kitten shots. We’re good now for a year. He was eight pounds. When were were there six weeks ago he was four pounds. I don’t know the kitten growth chart but I think eight pounds at six months means he’ll be a good sized cat. Probably not a big old monster cat but not petite either. He also has all of his adult teeth now. For as long as I allow him to keep them.


3 thoughts on “A little bit o’strange

  1. I hate weird dreams. Some days it is hard to shake the odd feeling after one of those dreams.

    That is a lot of growth in six weeks. He is such a beautiful cat and so clean. Leia loves dirt anywhere she can find it so I am always in awe of clean cats.

    Does he bite a lot? That is a frustrating habit. Leia would try to bite my leg when she wanted meals but she now knows that I don’t like it so she doesn’t do it anymore.

    I hope you don’t get bored at home.

    1. Biting seems to be his only way to play with people. He doesn’t scratch anymore and he usually will only bite arms through a sleeve now. We’re getting there!
      Corey has about 20 plants and any dirt Frankie can get to, he does. He loves to dig in it.Corey, not so much.
      I hope I don’t get bored too!

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