A little information for me is dangerous for my Doctors

I just finished Part II of the Ken Burns/PBS documentary on Cancer. I had to start taking notes because I had so many questions. Part II was absolutely fascinating to me because they started talking specifically about one of the mutations that is a part of my Cancer. It is the HER2 /ERBB2 Mutation.  This mutation is very common in Breast cancer and was one of the first cancers with targeted antibody treatment that showed a positive and provable result. It is also one that is known for how quickly it can reproduce.

I know so much more about cancer and treatments now. But I have so many questions.

ROUS sarcoma – you can infect other people with this. Does all cancer work this way? If you took my biopsied tissue and put it in someone else would they get my cancer?

How can I have four separate mutations? Does that mean my cause triggered four or more, or does that mean there are actually four different types of cancer in my cancer?

If you know my mutations can you then extrapolate the cause?

If when doing a surgery they test lymph nodes to see if it’s spreading shouldn’t we be able to track my cancer from cervix to lung? If not, why not?

Is the ERBB2 aka HER2/neu different than the HER2?

Since we know I have the mutation Her2 – why can’t I go on herceptin right now? ( minute 129 part II)


3 thoughts on “A little information for me is dangerous for my Doctors

  1. A good source tells me that clinical trial is the only way until FDA approves it for a particular CANCER thus trial. Unless u could get a doc to prescribe and pay out of your pocket??

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