A new phase of my life

One of the lightbulbs in my bathroom blew and I could not figure out how to get the cover off to replace it. This circumstance led to different lighting while I did my primping in by 12 times magnification mirror – a necessity if you have less than perfect eyes – and yesterday it showed me something new. HAIRS over my lip. Just a couple. But you know it means soon I will be sporting an old lady moustache. I cannot grow hair on my head faster than an eighth of an  inch a year but I am sure I will be soon sporting a fabulous hipster beard.



I see the resemblance.

Perhaps this sudden hair growth has something to do with my fabulous blood! I had my basic blood work done and saw the results yesterday. It was excellent. Best looking cholesterol numbers I have ever had. I am telling you I am so healthy, except for all my deadly diseases, that it is scary.




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