A rare work story

I have an 8:30 am meeting with my boss scheduled every Wednesday. We frequently skip it. We just don’t have it.

The meeting was originally scheduled by my boss as a calendar event and for location it is listed as phone/skype.

As a matter of corporate etiquette I have been waiting for him to initiate the meeting via skype.

A few weeks ago I started wondering if maybe he is waiting for me to initiate it and thinking I’m never at the office at 8:30. In my work persona I really do try not to bother anyone who is busy unless I really need them. This has led to people thinking I’m not actually there and doing anything in past jobs!

It’s really been bothering me not to know what the correct procedure should be for a skype meeting with your boss. Are you supposed to type first and assume he’ll answer when he’s ready, or are you supposed to be at your desk waiting for him to contact you. This is just not listed anywhere in the corporate handbook of life.

So today, once again 8:30 am rolls around…no meeting. At 8:35 I finally sent him a message that explained my whole dilemma of not being sure if I am supposed to initiate, or he is supposed to initiate.

To which he replied:

Can’t talk now, in a meeting.

I laughed out loud. I get along well with my boss.


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1 thought on “A rare work story

  1. Why do we think we r supposed to read the minds of others…even those I think have just a simple cell for a mind. I hope that didn’t sound mean…but it’s the truth, damnit,

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