A Thursday

I tried to take little cell phone shots of my day yesterday but I kept forgetting! Once I put together all of the pictures of what I do on a Thursday I realized why I was so tired all the time.

I wake up, I feed the dogs and drink a cup of coffee, then I grab this stuff;

Morning Exercise

My tablet, my heart-rate monitor and my fitbit.

First the Bike

Then onto the bike wearing my wrist weights.

Then the Treadmill

Then onto to the treadmill. Sometimes I have a third piece of equipment to the morning, just depends on how much time I have.

Switch to Tea

Then I switch to tea for the rest of the day usually. Though I have been having a cup of coffee at work lately. This is my preferred tea. It tastes like a mild black tea, with no caffeine. I put Stevia in my coffee and tea now. Hey Nina, recognize the mug?

First Supplement

The first supplement of the day. This is for hair, skin & nails and contains a bunch of stuff I don’t get in my daily diet.

Meds and Minerals

Here’s an embarrassing amount of medicine and supplements. Mostly I take one or two of each bottle daily. My joke is that I don’t really need to eat food anymore but actually it’s because I can’t really eat food anymore. Because of the radiation damage and that silly vegetarianism I just don’t get the vitamins and minerals I need so this is my solution. Most of the supplements are specifically for people who have or have had cancer. They are heavy anti-oxidant and immunity boosting.


My morning view lately. So COLD!


My desk at work. I sit on this giant ball and I love it! When no one is around I bounce on it, and stretch on it and move all sorts of weird ways. Just because I can.


I jot notes all day and then never remember to go back and look at what I wrote. My desk is also a mess of cables and wires and hubs.

Bad Day

Yesterday was a very bad vestibular day. I woke up with a terribly horribly devastatingly bad headache. I took assorted pain pills and then switched to my own little blue pill. These are Meclizine and are becoming more and more of a regular part of my day. They are for dizziness. I’m finding that they help with an odd assortment of things that I didn’t realize were being caused by my body compensating for the constant dizzy. I took a lot of them on Thursday.


After work it’s the 20 minute 2 mile drive to get to my workout group.


Which I will only show you little pictures of it afterward. There were a lot of people on Thursday night and it was an excellent workout!





This is my step. There is actually another one twice as high just out of camera range. When I get home from working out and realize I haven’t gotten my 10,000 steps for the day in I start a’steppin’ on here. Or if I have time I hop onto the treadmill for 10 or 20 minutes. I like my little step. You don’t need fancy equipment. This cost me $3.00 at IKEA and I step up and down while I watch TV. I average 100 steps a minute.


I don’t even really like Yogi Teas but I love the inside of the box so I always end up buying it.


Elevate Feet

This is me finally giving up and laying down with my legs elevated to drink my tea!


This is yellow birds favorite place to watch TV.


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