A trip to Toledo’s Whole Foods Grand Opening in (mostly) pictures

I was absolutely NOT going to the Whole Foods grand opening, but I kept thinking about it. So then I did what I do and started investigating my thought process.

I really wanted to go! I wanted free stuff and a gift card!!! I just didn’t want to be one of those people who clamor and crowd for free stuff, but apparently I AM that person! So since I am awake at that time anyway, I went.

Going by myself into a huge crowd is a very difficult thing for me. I feel small and pushed around in those circumstances so I really used this opportunity to try and work with those feelings. I did pretty good until I got into the store and into what turned out to be some pretty narrow aisles.

Amusingly the only place not crowded was the checkout lane!

When I left I noticed the person who parked next to me had a license plate reading VEGGIE1, I just assume I know them. 🙂


1 thought on “A trip to Toledo’s Whole Foods Grand Opening in (mostly) pictures

  1. I have been in a Whole Foods about twice – very interesting store! Too bad you did not get a gift card! You were tantalizingly close, too! People camp out now for those sorts of things, I guess. Sounds like it will be a good place for you to shop. I wouldn’t mind having one close by.

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