A very eventful weekend!

Oh, I do love the new iOS keyboard with the new swipe down ability. It’s just clever.

I have an iPad now instead of my android devices so that is the only thing that upgraded but it almost makes me want an iPhone.

I have had a busy chaotic weekend. Saturday I had two overlapping events planned. A Cancer Survivor Retreat from 10am to 3pm and a 2nd Anniversary, fundraising for our new bigger location picnic for the gym I go to. I invited my niece Hayley to go with me to both. She works out with me sometimes and I thought she might have fun at the first picnic too so it made sense.

So 9:30am on Saturday morning I was off to pick up Hayley. We went to the first event it was very nice,met some lovely people, painted an ugly birdhouse, Hayley painted a picture and discovered she likes those painting events so I will find another one for us, and had a wonderful talk with a woman who I am hoping will email me so we can compare notes and commiserate on our cancer lifestyles. Then Hayley and I had to leave early to hit the gym picnic,which was at that point okay with me, because I was HUNGRY! I will add my input about vegetarian friendly food if I am still working with the Cancer support organization next year. So we swung by a grocery store and picked up veggie burgers and veggie dogs in case there was not any vegetarian friendly food available at the next picnic. I will also tell them to get more banana cake! OMG the banana cake was so good!

Got there, threw my burger on the grill, bought Hayley a burger, sat down, and my phone rang. It was my husband saying come home now! Electric panel is possessed. That started the next 7 hour odyssey of paying out a months pay to  get a new panel and all new circuits inside and out. Wee……. As a strange side note, when we pulled out the washer and dryer for easier access to the panel we discovered we had a gas dryer! We had NO idea!

Then today we had a 2:00 pm showing of The Book of Mormon! It was excellent. I love the fact that we went to a matinee and our seats were just perfect. Something more casual and relaxing about it and I was wide awake and my mind was less cluttered.

I have been sick since my chemo last Friday, EIGHT days ago. I do not know why. Sometimes it seems to happen. But it makes me unhappy.

I have my quarterly CT scan tomorrow so a lunch of barium will add the proverbial icing on the cake (I typed cats for some reason) and hey I may hit that five pound weight loss I have been looking for for the last year. 🙂 Or I will eat cake for dinner.

I made a mushroom gravy for dinner to go on some boiled potatoes to get some food in me that hopefully won’t make me too sick tomorrow. I was not happy with the results but my husband said it’s better than the stuff I buy, so I guess that is okay. Certainly healthier. I will try again. Mushroom gravy is nice because it has kind of meaty heartiness to it so you can add it to many things for a quick meal while still being really healthy.

And everything just keeps spinning around.





6 thoughts on “A very eventful weekend!

  1. You have really had a full weekend! The electrical expense is tough! It’s got to be a good feeling knowing that it is fixed.

    I love my iPhone. It’s nice that it works so well with my computer. But I’m sad that I will need to upgrade soon, since my five won’t be supported any more. And the cost of one of the new ones is outrageous. Not looking for new!

    Sorry you are feeling so sick!

  2. I get frustrated with the needing to upgrade all the time.

    I will have to ask Dave about this keyboard that you are talking about. I don’t have a clue.

    I am sorry this last chemo hit you so hard. Very frustrating.

    If you hit on a gravy that you feel is share worthy – I would love the recipe. Craig likes gravy but his low fat requirements make it a difficult thing to make.

    1. This one was a pretty good start. Saute a bunch of mushrooms with some onion, add some flour. Brown Flour, add a bunch of veggie stock, and a little soy sauce, cook until thicker. You can also use an immersion blender to get rid of some or all the mushroom chunks. I ended up adding some cornstarch because the bastard wouldn’t thicken up!