A vision of my week

This week was a little odd feeling for some reason. Lots of appointments, lots of switches to my schedule. Mr. IsAnyBodyHere was home from Wednesday on so I had to keep reminding myself what day it was.

On Tuesday I went to the ophthalmologist and he said the cataract in my right eye was about the same but that my left eye was significantly worse and I now qualified for cataract correction. With glasses my vision is 20/30 in my right and 20/50 in my left. I am curious to see what happens to my vision because my left eye has astigmatism and is a lazy eye, so I am never going to have really good vision out of it. I will be happy if light stops hurting my eyes.

I went to the cataract surgeon on Thursday for a consult. It was not a particularly pleasant appointment. It’s a giant well oiled machine! 2 hours, saw four different people. Each with their own specific task. In and out, back to the waiting room with the rest of the people doing exactly the same thing. It was the antithesis of personalized medicine. I am pretty sure if I had gone back two hours later wearing different clothes no one, including the Dr would recognize me.

Also – because of the lazy eye I am not really a good candidate for the fancy eye lens replacement that would fix my astigmatism. I would still always have to wear glasses. Bummer. That is one expense that would certainly be worth it.

I will have the surgery in a couple of weeks, and then the next day to my ophthalmologist for a check, then back four weeks after that for new glasses. That means I will have the wrong prescription for approximately 7 weeks. I will be whiny about that I am sure.

I have continued my used book splurge on thriftbooks.com I ordered a book on Traditional Chinese Medicine and then a companion one on using TCM in a western culture with more accessible ingredients. That should be interesting! I am also reading Brave New World which I have just never read before!

My daughter is giving me one of her cameras suitable for bird/dog/cat picture taking. Expect a gazillion pictures in the next couple of weeks.

My sister and my husband

I went looking for a picture to add to spice up this blank page and started looking at old blog pictures. This is from March of 2014. I will be spending the afternoon with these two today so it seems appropriate.

This is when we went adventuring to the Hartmann Rock Garden. I miss adventures!!!



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