A week of near misses

So this is what happened.

I had an appointment on Tuesday with my oncologist to go over my Quarterly CT Scan results.

As I was getting ready to leave the house I got a call from my pulmonologists office. Melissa said we got a message from Dr Kasunic (oncologist) and Dr Ruiz (pulmonologist) wants to see you right away, can you come in first thing tomorrow morning? Yeah…okay. So, I’m guessing the CT Scan wasn’t all hunky dory. So, I make the appointment for the pulmonologist, I call my PT and cancel their appointment which was also Wednesday morning and head off to the oncologist.

The CT just shows growth of the mass in my right lung. Now the thing is, that mass has been Microwaved, Biopsied three times (two of those times it was cancerous) Endoscopied twice, and zapped with a high power laser. I was warned by the radiologist that it’s always going to cause alarm for anyone who sees it, but it’s not supposed to grow. We all assume it’s just the scar tissue growing – my fault – stopped running after that stupid infection and haven’t been able to get back to it on any sort of regular schedule – but really everyone is a little nervous about just saying let’s ignore it.

So, I go to the pulmonologist office bright and fucking early in the morning and I wait in the waiting room for 30 minutes. Then they put me in an exam room for 45 minutes. Then the office manager comes in and introduces herself and says “sorry – we didn’t know you were still here, the doctors not actually in the office”.

URGH! So – off I go. By the time I get home I have another message from their office saying they were texting with Dr Ruiz and he still wants to see me as soon as possible which is now bright & fucking early Monday morning. So much unnecessary drama.

Also my CT Scan now says “significant calcification of coronary artery” before it just mentioned it was showing some. So, I’m a thinkin’ I need to make an appointment with my PC – which I needed to do three months ago – and see about getting checked. Interesting research on that about incidental findings and follow-up. It’s like 50% of the time radiologists don’t report seeing it when it’s there, and even when they report it, it’s only followed up on like 15% of the time because usually the CT is for something else and no one pays attention to the other things that show up outside of their scope.

More Drama for me. 🙂

My online order of sunglasses was cancelled. I noticed and sent them a message and they said  – your measurements are wrong. I said – no they’re not I just have a tiny face! So now they’re doing the order. I am so excited for new glasses so I can read my book. My eyes get so strained trying to read for very long right now.

ALSO! The camera I beta-tested a few months ago was supposed to send me a 50% off coupon which I was going to give away but because they were out of stock for so long or something instead they are sending me a new camera. I am very  excited and NOT giving it away! It’s part of the Blink Camera system and they will send me an outdoor camera with two – way audio, which is what I beta-tested. Now I can yell at people at my front door instead of just watching and quietly seething.

I have had dreams three nights in a row about washing my hair and there being a problem, like it turning into a giant knot, or gum being in it.


2 thoughts on “A week of near misses

  1. Yay for the new camera, but man! Everything else, what the heck!?

    One time I was in a doctor’s office and they COMPLETELY forgot I was even there. So, you know, I am unclothed and freezing in an exam room for a very long time, and at first I am annoyed but resigned because they always ran behind. But then it got quieter and quieter, and I thought, now what!? Not like I could go wandering around the hallways…as I was. I just knew if I got dressed, the doc would walk in, and that would be awkward. But finally I had to, found someone, and they told me I had been forgotten and I had to reschedule.

    Hope they get themselves straightened out for you. I wish all those guys would get together and just figure themselves out!

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