A weekend recap of ick.

I was terribly terribly awfully physically beat up yesterday. I had a wonderful day on Saturday with my daughter. It was all outside time, just walking and chit chatting. I also made the mistake of eating lunch. The chemo is causing me huge issues again with my digestion. Every part. My appetite is weird, my sense of taste is wacky, I have sores in my mouth, my stomach has a burning hole in it and terrible diarrhea. So Sunday my Lebanese food while incredibly tasty and good on Saturday made me a mess on Sunday.Β  I could not eat anything. Period. I had water. Lots and lots of water. I tried a piece of cheese at about 7pm and that was terrible. I think I am better today.

I also did yard work and my hands (neuropathy) feel terrible. AND the neuropathy in my feet is really bad! For no apparent reason. Though I can now tell you that walking barefoot outside is a thing of the past. It’s like walking on glass.

AND the bursitis in my hips is flaring up. Other people seem to have it much worse in the cold but last year and this year spring made it very bad.

#StupidChemo !! That is hopefully saving my life. πŸ™‚ It’s always about the good with the bad.

I was going to go to yoga this morning but I think I am going to skip it. I don’t want to be there when I discover my digestive system is not back on track.Β  At least since this is the 2nd time I have gone through this issue I know better how to deal with it, and what I need to do to keep myself strong. Lots of liquid meals with high nutrition will be in my future today. Maybe if it works out I will get in another park walk today. πŸ™‚


Frankie enjoyed our day outside. Please note that the rope he is on is not on the ground. Even though he looks peaceful he is at the end of his rope.




When he gets nervous he sits on the porch. He never made it to relaxed enough to nap but a couple of times he got all stretched out and closed his eyes for a second before a bug or a bird or a plane would make a noise and he would be on high alert again. He definitely has feral cat in his genes.

I hope it is a glorious day for any one who sees this. I have a good book to finish –Β http://www.amazon.com/Daemon-Daniel-Suarez/dp/0451228731Β  , thank you to my sister for the recommendation a long time ago – so no matter what else happens I will enjoy that.



7 thoughts on “A weekend recap of ick.

  1. I actually got a little excited to see you are reading that book. I so enjoyed the series. Sorry about your stomach! Is that a regular collar on Frankie outside? Ozzie slips her every time we put one on her so outside is out of the question. But that’s ok, she’s in her usual Spring “I gotta get out of here” phase so the less fresh air the better.

    1. No, it’s a harness. When I bought it I assumed we would only use it for Vet trips. He has figured out how to get out of it so I will be making a trip to the pet supply store to see if I can find a more secure one. When I get one I will give you the old one if you want to try it for ozzie. It’s basically secure as long as you don’t leave them alone. He does a houdini move to get out of it but it takes a minute so as long as you are there you can stop it.
      Frankie wants out all the time and has since the first week we had him so I don’t think taking him out makes much difference. He has learned that if I grab the harness he will be going outside so I’m hoping that somehow eventually translates to less running out the door. So far, no, it’s all the same.
      Is there a day that you want to go to the zoo with me this week?

  2. I am really sorry about the neuropathy. I was wondering how that had been going. I know ours is different (and yours is much worse than mine) but I wear something on my feet a lot because my feet better with something on them.

    Did you ever ask about magic mouthwash for the sores in your mouth? Might be time to look into that.

    The downside of cats is the whole outdoors thing. It is so hard to keep them in the house when they are always trying to escape. One wonders how feral cats ever get any sleep always having to have their spidey senses on.

    I hope today is better. This chemo sure hit hard well, let’s hope that is indication that it is working hard to do its job.

    1. I have an oncology mouthwash that probably works great if I were to remember to use it!
      Why do you think my neuropathy is any worse than yours? You’ve been dealing with it longer so I would guess yours is also pretty bad. Most of the time it just feels like my skin is very sensitive, it’s not until I touch or walk a lot that it gets really painful.

      Frankie is just like the rest of the residents of this house. Does what he wants, when he wants. Of course that’s why we like them isn’t it?

  3. That is why I am here – to remind you. πŸ™‚

    I know yours is worse. In a way, my neuropathy in my hands is more controllable, not as true for my feet. I don’t know how it is for other people who have it from diabetes but if I can keep my blood sugar within a certain range, I have less trouble with it. Some diabetics have a difficult time controlling the highs and lows and therefor have more issues with it. Right now I am trying a new insulin and until I get that sorted out, I am having issues. If it gets to the point that I get it to work the way I need it to work then I will have less problems with it. I also have things that I know I can do to help. My fake Ugg boots with real shearling have been a godsend for my feet. I am extremely sensitive to cold on my feet. If I can keep my feet warm I have fewer problems. Shearling is wonderful and I know it is something you would never consider but I thank those sheep everyday. Before I found these boots I had a really hard time with my feet. The sad part is after years of use, I am wearing them out and I can’t find boots like this anymore.

    Mine is blood glucose related which is more controllable although that may change in time. Use does not make it worse for me. Cold does though especially with my feet.

    Yep! I like how cats are so independent. They are very interesting animals. If he is anything like Leia, as he ages, he will be less concerned with going outside but that doesn’t help now.

  4. Oh! So sorry about the neuropathy! I know how unfun that is, a close personal family member deals with that too. Hope you’re feeling better! I’ve had a few cats in harnesses in the past. We put one on Skitty, our scaredy cat, and she jumped backwards all over the house trying to get out of it, and then hid under the bed for a whole day till we could pull her out and finally take it off. Didn’t work out. πŸ™‚ Hope you find a new good one for Frankie πŸ™‚

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