Adventures in Lung Biopsies

On Wednesday I had a lung biopsy, this was my third one in the same spot, both geographically and physically speaking.

I had my biopsy done in the Interventional Radiology department at Toledo Hospital. Our adventure started before we arrived because they moved the f’ing road and we couldn’t figure out how to get into the parking garage. We went to a different parking garage and had event number two with an unbelievably rude woman in the parking lot. Made it in and then I discovered the joys of now having Medicare. Added an additional ten minutes to the registration process! Crazy.

All of the staff were awesome but it was chaotic. Nothing quite right, missing orders, no updated information. Leaves you with a strangely unnerved feeling when you are counting on these people to poke holes in your lung and keep you breathing anyway.

Of course they had all sorts of trouble starting an IV in my hand. Took two people three tries and I ended up with a pool of iv fluid under my skin which today is finally mostly gone and leaving in its place a four inch bruise.

I was nervous this time, everything was just “off”. My procedure nurse, I am sure there is a different name for that job, was amazing. It was actually all the same nurses and doctor as biopsy #2. Before I went in for the procedure I heard her tell the other tech  – Dr says pain relief only, no sedation. Yay. 🙁

So I was fully aware and conscious for the first time, and you know what, IT WAS FINE! The only thing that really hurt were the numbing shots. Feeling the needle go into your lung is just WEIRD. Having them move it around a few times, push pull squish, weird, but not painful. Having them click the button and sudden jarring click as it cuts out a chunk, bizarre, but not painful. If you have it done, don’t be scared.

No collapsed lung for the first time, so that was good. But more chaos back in recovery. No one was available to release me. Felt pretty good, just a little sore the last couple of days. Felt funny to breathe.Last night I was actually having a lot of trouble breathing, I do not know what was up with that but today I am feeling like there is stuff in my lungs so I am guessing it has to do with blood finally moving around and trying to get coughed up. No worries.

Today is shot day for me at which time I will also make an appointment to see my doctor because I do not actually have any appointment to get my results! Lame.

And that is everything I know about a lung biopsy.


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